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Welcome to RMWF

Day 1 of the Winter Fair has been successfully finished!

Although it the fair hasn’t officially begun yet, many of us keeners got there today to let our horses settle in and get prepared for the week of competition ahead. Willard was surprisingly calm and seemed quite at home; good thing. He even got to go into the grand prix ring tonight and hack around for a bit. That was SO COOL. I think I’m more excited about that 20 minutes then anybody else was 😛

The poneh is comfortably tucked in a almost-feather-duvet-level stall, layers upon layer of straw and shavings. He’ll probably sleep better than me on this plain ol bed.

I”m still trying to figure out how I’m going to manage to complete all of my major final assignments this week while simultaneously competing in the biggest show of the year. It might be possible. But it’s been one day, and I’m already beat. I just finished stretching and icing and I’m about ready to fall asleep.

More later!

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