The Katmah Experience

living and learning one day at a time.

Icing on the Cake

Day 2!

Today was full of riding, riding and more riding. I got there in the morning and hacked my boy for a bit and he was rather good. Soon after that I went and did schooling rounds with my coach- where Willard was good as well, but very fresh and strong. Which is regular for him at shows. Then I took a break and did some shopping with momma and came back to the barn a few hours later and hacked again. This time we apparently found another source of energy as Will had even more energy. So we galloped for about 40 minutes, trotted, galloped some more.. finally got him to a workable level and then the other horses in the ring left and he fretted again. Long story short, one of us has energy left over. I think you know which one it is.

I found these really cool adhesive ice patches at Zellers. They aren’t as good as pure ice.. but they do help take some of the initial pain out of my already aged joints. I swear, hip replacement at 20 sounds about right for me.

Tomorrow is the first day of competition for me! I’m super pumped! Completely different from last year, I was just batshit nervous about EVERYTHING. This year I feel much more confident and relaxed. Which I hope will have a positive effect on my riding, my horse, and everything in between!

And now, I think I’m done icing for now.

Goodnight all you non existent readers!

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