The Katmah Experience

living and learning one day at a time.

Day 3 and 4.

Day 3-

First day of showing, went alright but not awesome. The boy was a bit strong and fresh and kinda dragged me around the courses. But we got over everything, and found things to work on so that always a plus!

My road hack went well too, it was a gigantic class with huge competition though, so couldn’t expect too much. I’m happy with they way he road through it though 🙂

Day 4-

Started out the day with a bath for the poneh and then rebraiding. Then we switched over to a different bit and hacked. He was much more relaxed today. My warm up was beautiful, good distances and everything. He was just floating over the ground.

My first class, open 2’9″ hunter went very very well, we had a beautiful round and to top it off we were placed 6th in a class of about 30 very nice horses. That was encouraging!

My second class (after another very nice warm up), Sr Low Hunter (3ft) brought another beautiful round, even better then the previous. Coming to the last line I asked him to take a pretty long distance, which he did. The big jump caused me to lose my stirrup, but I continued down the four stride towards the final oxer, where he jumped beautifully and landed nice. I thought I was good until he took the corner, and I was thrown off balance. I almost managed to stay on, but gravity got the best of me and I went tumbling.
I managed to twist in the air so I landed on my ass/back and rolled into a backwards somersault back onto my knees. Surprisingly my neck is okay.  My back injury/shoulder/hip is feeling the aftermath a bit right now, and I’m sure that I’ll feel everything tomorrow. Although I didn’t hit my head too hard, it’s been a little fuzzy too. Nothing sleep won’t help I’m sure.
It really sucks to fall off AFTER the last jump. Especially after a round like that.

Hopefully I can pull off some more rounds like I had today, cause those felt perfect! Minus the accidental dismount of course!


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