World Traveller

So finally made a decision! I’ll be going to NZ in the second week of september. I decided that it was too much for me to give up my show season here on the horse that I’ve been working on for almost 5 years now, and I’m loving my coaches. The NZ opportunity is also one that might not come around again too soon. And, it’s pretty awesome.  The Ontario job had potential to be amazing experience too, but I feel that that opportunity will be there in the future if I want, and I will be looking for a summer job next year. So who knows!

   I’m currently getting into my new home life, back in the country. I already miss school, which I suppose is a good thing. I’ve done a week of my new training, which involves running and weight training everyday. My back seems to be handling the running and strength stuff okay, only riding still bothers it. *rolls eyes*. Maybe someday this will go away. It’s only pain, right?

I got asked to judge my old 4H club’s achievement day this July, which was a nice surprise. I never expected they’d be coming to me to help, but it’s great that they did. I love helping out, and it’ll be nice to give back to the club that got me started on this path all those years ago. Not even I would have foreseen where going to that first meeting would take me. Thank god for it though.

“Look at this now, me on my own, here with the stars..” Peter Katz.

Things are starting to fall back into place, after the last few weeks of crazy decision making and moving and everything else. I’m home now, and I start work on monday (not so much yay) so that means I can start making money to GO TO NEW ZEALAND, and then back to school pursuing my other dreams.

I’ve also realized the past few weeks how possible anything is. I used to criticize myself for dreaming so much, but without all those things I dreamt of doing, where would I be? I probably never would have bothered to email all those potential employers, or had any of the other absolutely amazing experiences I’ve had over the years. So never stop dreaming, no matter how small that dream is. Or how big. Dreaming it will help you achieve things you might never have thought of before. Take that chance.

The stars don’t even matter..

Just when I began to sort out my life, going to NZ, working, school, and all of that.. Another choice comes up. I got an email from Juniper Farms, in Ontario, today asking if I’d be interested in a job as a asst. groom for their team. This job entails living on the farm, and helping with Jill Henselwood’s (Canadian Team Member) string of horses. The position pays as well as my summer job here when you put it into perspective, and it’s an excellent, excellent opportunity. I’d probably have to move very soon though, and it’d mean giving up my show season here to gain experience as a groom and the behind the scenes work. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But it feels like I would be letting go of all the progress I’ve made with Will so far. On the other hand, there is a small chance I’d be able to continue my riding in Ontario when the barn wasn’t away at competitions. IF that was the case, then I’d definitely consider this very very seriously.

Thank you universe, for throwing choices like this in my way.

The NZ job is just as good, except I’d be working under a less experienced rider. And the chance to be a part of an Olympic bound team (however small the role) is very intriguing, to say the least. I can’t decide if this is a chance that I should take, hands down, no questions and learn from it, or if I should stick with my Plan A, which is a fantastic option too, and see what comes of it.  There are always grooming jobs, all over the world. But this one seems really good, and I don’t want to let the opportunity slip away, you know? I’ll talk to my coach about it, hopefully she will have some words of wisdom that will help make what I should do more clear. Never in a million years did I think something like this dilemma would actually happen to me. I was surprised enough when I landed the first opportunity.

Note to self, next time take your employment profile off the website so you don’t run into more potential employers that confuse your logic.

I have a lot to think about, and decide in the next few days. Along with moving home, starting fitness training again, and starting riding again. On the plus side, my therapist said today that my back is getting back on track, so thats good! I’m very sore after today’s session though. But, I’m glad that my “rest” period is almost over. Now hopefully I can get back into shape and not have too much more set backs. I volunteer tomorrow and teach the fitness plan I made for the students, which should be interesting. I hope it goes well. This volunteer placement has really shown me how much I love teaching and helping others. Very encouraging for me!

My oh my.

Black and Gold

The past few weeks have been full of ups an downs. The days following fair week were rough, my injuries appeared in full force causing me to realize that maybe I should take a break and rest for a few weeks. Which I have been doing, with difficulty. Resting is not my specialty! However, a week of rest did more good then I thought it would. I allowed myself a treat by going to the gym today. So we’ll see how that light workout effects everything.

Some other big news, I GOT A JOB IN NEW ZEALAND!!!!! Not even just a job, a job that I had only dreamed of! As one of my heroes Mrs. S said upon hearing my big news, “you dreamt it, so of course it happened”. I guess this is more evidence for the fact that dreaming does make things happen. I’ll be working and living at LC Horse Farms, south of Auckland, as a groom. I don’t know how much actual riding I’ll be doing, but you know what? I’m completely fine with that. The opportunity to gain experience in the industry, go to shows most weekends, and meet professionals from the business is HUGE no matter what I’m doing. Plus the guy who hired me is Canadian originally. And, Jenaya will only be 2 hours away from me at her school. 🙂 I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

This week has been full of adventures too. Monday I showed up at my volunteer placement (an adult ed centre in the north end) to find out I was in fact subbing in for one of the regular teachers. So I got to do some class management and supervising instead of my regular low key tutoring job. That was fun! Then I got asked by the other teacher to come on Wednesday (today) and help out with her phys ed class while they went to a local gym to work out. Sure why not, that’s my major after all. So today I helped out the students in the weight room, and actually had a lot of fun! They were all so motivated, completely unlike most phys ed students. Granted, these students were there by choice and were somewhat more mature then teenagers. After all the students had gone, Christa asked me to make up and design a fitness plan for next week’s class! So that’s my project. All the students are all so sad that next week is my last week with them. I almost feel bad that I have to move home, I’d love to stay and help them more, now that I’m actually working with them on something I can REALLY help with. This volunteering thing has been so helpful the past few weeks in helping me realize how much I like to teach. Working with these adults in the gym today was so inspiring, and I was surprised at how well I did. If I had been asked to do that even a month ago? It would not have gone so well.

I’ve grown up SO much this year. It seems like such a short time ago that I was just moving in, and now I’m getting ready to move home again (not really, my room is still a disaster).


Last 2 Days

Day 6-

My first round of the day was kinda iffy. Willard and I were a tad bit under pace, so we kinda buggered up most of the jumps. However, this set me up nicely for my second round of the day, as I was able to find the perfect pace and have the second best round of the week! I got a 3rd place in that class and made the decision to do the ‘special’ money class the next morning. That night after the evening grand prix all of us from the barn went out for supper at the hotel. It was so fun! My coaches are so interesting to listen to, I wish I could know all their stories. I have so much to learn from them.

Unfortunately my supper was either poorly cooked, or I have some sort of flu going on cause I was up sick for a while that night. I think I ended up falling asleep around 1:30 or 2 am, after making myself throw up just so I could try and sleep. This made for an interesting next day…

Day 7-

After finally getting to sleep the night before, I woke up still feeling a little bit sketchy. But I still rode, didn’t eat or drink much before which probably contributed to the feeling like I was going to pass out part. During warm up I literally had to focus most of my energy on staying on and conscious- riding with food poisoning is never a good idea. My round was actually decent (a little fast), until he refused the last jump-eliminating us from the class. I really wasn’t too concerned as I just wanted to get off and be on solid ground. Besides, it was a good week. The last day is always a bit sketch, the horses are tired and cranky and sick of being in the building. And my riding wasn’t at it’s best either. The course definitely would have ridden different if I was healthy.

So, overall, a first, third, fourth, sixth and a seventh. Not bad for my first year in the adult division. Lots of feedback, and lots of compliments from other competitors- even some on my ‘graceful’ falling. Thats one thing I’m good at! haha.

I’m kinda sad it’s over, I was getting used to getting up and riding every day. It was nice 🙂

I’m still kinda sick ish, so I’m going to bed!

Go and Be Good, Eh?

Day 5-

New classes today, Open Low Hunter (3ft) and Adult Amateur/Non-Pro Hunter (3ft). The open low round was basically a warm up, first class of the day. Not much chance of placing no matter how good the round is. But, the round went well. A little speedy for the coach, but that’s alright.

The second round was fabulous! Definitely the best round I’ve had yet, anywhere. Beautiful slow pace, and fantastic jumps. Won that class! A friend that also shows, Dena, who is older placed third in the same class. This is my first year competing in adult/amateur classes and she made a point of first telling me how awesome my round was, and then giving me shit for beating her.

“You aren’t supposed to put in rounds like that now that you’re an adult! Not when you’re in my classes!”

Day 6-

Same classes today, plus an under saddle for adult/ami. Open round went well, a little fast again though. My second ami round, which was a handy today was decent, although the first line was slightly messy. He didn’t catch his lead into the corner after the first jump, which set him up awkwardly for the line. He kinda knocked his way over the second jump in the line. The roll back turns were very nice though. I placed 7th miraculously in that class.

Then I had my flat class for the Ami division. He went VERY well. Probably the best he’s ever gone on the flat. However, he wasn’t placed. My theory about this judge not liking greys is becoming a fact. Especially grey thoroughbreds!

Over all a good couple of days. Now to finish up the last 2 days of fair week! 🙂