The Katmah Experience

living and learning one day at a time.

Last 2 Days

Day 6-

My first round of the day was kinda iffy. Willard and I were a tad bit under pace, so we kinda buggered up most of the jumps. However, this set me up nicely for my second round of the day, as I was able to find the perfect pace and have the second best round of the week! I got a 3rd place in that class and made the decision to do the ‘special’ money class the next morning. That night after the evening grand prix all of us from the barn went out for supper at the hotel. It was so fun! My coaches are so interesting to listen to, I wish I could know all their stories. I have so much to learn from them.

Unfortunately my supper was either poorly cooked, or I have some sort of flu going on cause I was up sick for a while that night. I think I ended up falling asleep around 1:30 or 2 am, after making myself throw up just so I could try and sleep. This made for an interesting next day…

Day 7-

After finally getting to sleep the night before, I woke up still feeling a little bit sketchy. But I still rode, didn’t eat or drink much before which probably contributed to the feeling like I was going to pass out part. During warm up I literally had to focus most of my energy on staying on and conscious- riding with food poisoning is never a good idea. My round was actually decent (a little fast), until he refused the last jump-eliminating us from the class. I really wasn’t too concerned as I just wanted to get off and be on solid ground. Besides, it was a good week. The last day is always a bit sketch, the horses are tired and cranky and sick of being in the building. And my riding wasn’t at it’s best either. The course definitely would have ridden different if I was healthy.

So, overall, a first, third, fourth, sixth and a seventh. Not bad for my first year in the adult division. Lots of feedback, and lots of compliments from other competitors- even some on my ‘graceful’ falling. Thats one thing I’m good at! haha.

I’m kinda sad it’s over, I was getting used to getting up and riding every day. It was nice 🙂

I’m still kinda sick ish, so I’m going to bed!

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