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World Traveller

So finally made a decision! I’ll be going to NZ in the second week of september. I decided that it was too much for me to give up my show season here on the horse that I’ve been working on for almost 5 years now, and I’m loving my coaches. The NZ opportunity is also one that might not come around again too soon. And, it’s pretty awesome.  The Ontario job had potential to be amazing experience too, but I feel that that opportunity will be there in the future if I want, and I will be looking for a summer job next year. So who knows!

   I’m currently getting into my new home life, back in the country. I already miss school, which I suppose is a good thing. I’ve done a week of my new training, which involves running and weight training everyday. My back seems to be handling the running and strength stuff okay, only riding still bothers it. *rolls eyes*. Maybe someday this will go away. It’s only pain, right?

I got asked to judge my old 4H club’s achievement day this July, which was a nice surprise. I never expected they’d be coming to me to help, but it’s great that they did. I love helping out, and it’ll be nice to give back to the club that got me started on this path all those years ago. Not even I would have foreseen where going to that first meeting would take me. Thank god for it though.

“Look at this now, me on my own, here with the stars..” Peter Katz.

Things are starting to fall back into place, after the last few weeks of crazy decision making and moving and everything else. I’m home now, and I start work on monday (not so much yay) so that means I can start making money to GO TO NEW ZEALAND, and then back to school pursuing my other dreams.

I’ve also realized the past few weeks how possible anything is. I used to criticize myself for dreaming so much, but without all those things I dreamt of doing, where would I be? I probably never would have bothered to email all those potential employers, or had any of the other absolutely amazing experiences I’ve had over the years. So never stop dreaming, no matter how small that dream is. Or how big. Dreaming it will help you achieve things you might never have thought of before. Take that chance.

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