The Katmah Experience

living and learning one day at a time.


Through everything we experience, all the great feelings and all the pain, there are things that not only keep us going, but also define our very being. It’s the challenges, life’s little tests, that either break us down or help us find strength and grow as a person. Sometimes both. We go through times where we feel completely alone, and like no one understands what we’re going through. It’s so hard to see clearly when all you can feel is pain, physically or emotionally.  For athletes, injuries are common and probable, especially for those of us who push ourselves everyday in the pursuit of greatness. Many of us hide our injuries and work around them. Eventually, though, this stops working because the injury gets worse, or we gain more injuries because of compensation. It’s impossibly difficult to “rest” or take breaks. Every day off is a day lost. Nobody understands how important it is to keep pushing, keep training, no matter how bad it hurts. If you quit even for a day, people will see you as lazy or undedicated. Nobody wants that reputation.

All you really want is a teammate, a coach, someone to say it’s okay. That nobody will judge you, and you’re doing good. But how often does that happen.

Our bodies aren’t built to handle half the things we put them through. We push so hard, overtrain, and expect to perform under stressful, sometimes impossible conditions. We compete with sprains, tears, chronic pain, dislocations, sometimes even fractures and then ask why didn’t we do better. It’s hard for anybody to understand the amount of pressure athletes at any level feel. The feeling of competition, challenge, achievement, and trust are what keeps the passion alive. Once you lose that part of you, that’s when things unravel. At some point, everyone loses sight of their goal and in turn feels lost and alone.

It takes an unbelievable amount of strength to realize what’s the best way to deal with every challenge presented.  Some of us can’t deal with the pressure, the stress. Every single one of us breaks down. The one’s who can face those moments of uncertainty, pick themselves off the ground, dust off, and keep on pushing towards their goal are the people who get hurt the most, but they’re also the ones who get the most out of life.

Comments anyone?

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