Past two rides, pain free! First time in at least a month, more like two or three that I haven’t been dealing with pain while training. All I’ve got right now is a little soreness, which is easily cured with some ice and stretching. Much different from what I felt before.

I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much, as it has only been 5 days since my last AT session. So the next few weeks will be the real test. It’s definitely much better then normal though.

ย ย  Saturday’s clinic was probably one of the best ride’s I’ve had in a long time. Willard was awesome, and my riding showed a lot of improvement. I think the saddle I’m trying out helps a lot. It makes for a completely different ride from my current saddle (which I will be selling, so if anyone wants a size 17.5 exselle debut medium tree let me know).

I beat my average in running by 2 seconds again today, so this is the second week in a row I’ve improved by 2 seconds. This surprised me because I didn’t do much at all last week because my back was acting up. Working out and running felt good today. I’m glad to be busy again. Hopefully I can keep this up!

It looks like I’m booking tickets for NZ for the 14th of September. I’ll be leaving from Vancouver and taking a direct flight to Auckland. So the countdown is on, 127 days!!!!!!

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  1. Kiirsten says:

    I’m trying a few Mondega saddles and if they don’t fit, I’d love to try your Exselle. I know those Crosby saddles were awesome for hard-to-fit horses. Are Exselles the same?

    1. katmah says:

      It seems like it’d be a pretty good fit for a variety of horses, and you’re welcome to try it out! I have another person who is interested, but I haven’t heard from them in a few days. So just let me know if you want to try it!

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