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Hey Moon

So it’s Monday.

Yesterday mom and I hacked over to Charlene’s to do some course work. Mr Willard is coming along quite nicely. We had a few mistakes, all easily fixed. I got him into a bad spot coming down a line to a big oxer, so he crashed through that. But he jumped it like a champ the next time around!

  This long weekend we’re headed to Bird’s Hill for the MHJA Victoria Day show, a bronze level show and the first outdoor show of the season. We’ll get there on Friday, hopefully not too late, but I do have to work till 4 ish. We’ll school Friday and then competition starts on Saturday morning and lasts till Monday. Charlene and Mike agreed to let me do some baby jumpers too, so I’m competing in my regular 3ft level hunters (Sr. Low, Adult Amateur), we thought about doing the development hunter, which is 3’3, but it was decided that since this is the first show there wasn’t much point pushing it. My jumpers will be at 2’9 and in my adult amateur divisions. I’m very excited to be getting into the jumper ring, even if it’s at the low levels.

In other news, my back/hip/leg has been feeling at little iffy. Not really pain, but that weird tingling/numbness/stupid feeling. A little bit of random muscle spasms in my back and hip too. I’m not sure if thats just from my long training session yesterday or if things are about to fall apart again. My plan is to see how this week goes, and the show, and then take it from there. There’s not much I can do about it this week anyway. Work is going to be insane with the nice weather making an appearance, and preparing for competition and actually competing for 4 days straight takes up most of my time for the next 7 days. All I can say is at least we’re making progress. However slow it is.

I’ve really noticed a difference in my riding since I’ve started working out and running full time. My core strength has gotten SO much better, which has seriously improved my riding and my confidence. Plus, today, during my workout I did some push ups. Real ones. 3 weeks ago when I started I couldn’t hardly do half of one, due to weak shoulder and core muscles. Now I can do over 5 and hold a push up plank for a lot longer then I could before. I doesn’t sound as impressive when I type it out, but I’m pretty happy with this progress. The best part about working out and putting all the effort into your body and life is when you get to actually witness/feel the results and improvements. Definitely keeps you motivated!

I’m loving this beautiful weather that’s come about today and is apparently staying for the rest of the week! There’s also a solid full moon hanging out in my window right now. Awesome summer night! Hopefully there’s lots more of these to come!

Ciao for now!

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