The Katmah Experience

living and learning one day at a time.


This is Felix, he’s our little project. He’s just a year this month. He’s my mare, Flash’s, replacement. Hopefully he’ll turn out just as talented.

The week’s been filled with sunshine, sunburns, sunscreen, and lots of dust and wind and everything else that comes along with seeding time when you work on a farm. Got lots of overtime from the past few days, so that is a very good thing!

Mom and I are headed out to Birds Hill tomorrow afternoon for the Victoria Day Show. I rode Mr Willard outside yesterday, and he had energy flying out of everywhere. Hopefully he’s a little calmer tomorrow for schooling, I’m sure he won’t be. It never really works that way, does it?

I managed to pull my hamstring somehow over the past two days at work, or last night working with mr hyper. Hopefully that calms down a little before the weekend. I’m interested to see how my hip holds up over the next 4 days. It’s been decent this week, just some random tingles. Not a whole lot of pain. Which is a brilliant change!

117 days!!!

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