The Katmah Experience

living and learning one day at a time.


I just baked some peach poppyseed muffins, and of course I had to taste test (more like eat half of) the batter. My burps now taste like baking soda and vinegar. And yes, they are fizzy ass burps. Not my best scheme. Still, tastes good.

  In other news. Went out and hacked Willie tonight. He was a prince. Fantastic collection and on his back end nice the whole ride. Which I appreciated, as my body isn’t really cooperating with me lately.  The leg/foot numbness is back, my hip is causing pain down my whole leg, and my shoulder is still being all angsty and sore from the weekend. Going to AT tomorrow after work to see if we can get these issues looked at and maybe fixed.. again. My upper back has taken to really seizing up tonight too. Hopefully that’s just temporary. Don’t really want to deal with any more issues any time soon.. Grr.

So ready to be healthy again.

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