The Katmah Experience

living and learning one day at a time.


I realized driving home from the city tonight how absolutely ready I am to get out of this place for a little while. I never thought I’d say this. I mean, I love it here, and I love all the people of course, but I just neeed to go somewhere else and find out who I am without everybody else I’ve known my whole life. You know? Everyday I’m growing as a person, and I really think that moving across the planet for a while is going to help that process reach it’s full potential. Whether the experience is good or bad, pray it be good, I’m ready for it. Bring it on.

My AT worked her magic tonight, and I’m feeling much better. My leg was going numb because the major nerve that runs down the leg goes through this muscle in your butt, and that muscle was rather tight in my ass so it was squishing that nerve.. causing the numbness and tingling. For the moment that is gone! Yay! My hamstring was also super tight, which is new. So I’m going to have to remember to stretch that out more. If anybody out there is in need of a fantastic athletic therapist, I have the perfect one for you.

After my AT session, I went for supper with my dad at Stella’s (yummy), and then booked it over to Jysk and Winners to get some pants for me, and some shower gifts for my co-worker Jolene! Got home at 10, and now I’m thinking seriously about bed. Mmmm. yeah.

Willard heads off to a show in Birds Hill tomorrow with his part boarder. I’m hoping he behaves himself for her this weekend, and I’m nervous for them both. Hopefully this weekend goes better for them then last weekend did for us. I’m sure I worked out most of the first show jitters for the horse last weekend though. *crosses fingers*

110 days. Let’s go.

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