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Summer Smiles

The show this weekend went MUCH better then the Victoria Day show!

Firstly cause we got schooling rounds this time on Friday night. He was a tad bit fresh, but by the end of our warm ups he was galloping around on a nice stride, very relaxed.

Saturday we competed in 2’9 Jr Amateur and our Sr. Low division. Our 2’9 round was under paced, but smooth. We added in all the lines, but both myself and Charlene were okay with that. Our first 3ft round was very lazy. We got around the course, but even more under paced then our first round. It was still smooth, and not brutal looking. Our second round, the handy round, was very good. We had one rail, but almost everyone in the class knocked that jump over. It was a large white single vertical coming out of a corner. Both Mike and Charlene said it was much to vertical for a hunter course, and that’s why everyone knocked it. Willie had so much fun with all the turns in this course.

Sr. Low 3ft Handy Hunter










I can really feel that my equitation is improving, because my lower leg muscles were very sore after this weekend. And I was much more stable in the tack, my upper body and core stayed straight and in the correct position the whole time, and I didn’t fall too far forward with my shoulders.

Sunday’s classes went even better than Saturday. My 2’9 handy hunter was good, I added in all the lines, but it was even smoother and Will handled the complex handy course with no problems! Our Open Low Hunter course went alright, but he was quite lazy and we added. Our Open Handy course was awesome. We got all the lines, and he jumped super cute! Charlene was very impressed, and only had good things to say when I came out of the ring. That was really encouraging! I can’t wait till Beach Party in a few weeks to see if his stride gets nicer on the sand, because I think it will!

2 responses to “Summer Smiles”

  1. Sounds like you two had a lot of fun this weekend – congratulations! What’s the difference between a 2’9″ handy hunter and a regular 2’9″ hunter?

  2. A regular hunter course consists of basic lines, and single jumps. A handy course has other stuff thrown in as well, usually a roll back turn, broken lines, and at this show we had to hand gallop off a jump and then halt, there were some trot jumps, and on the sunday handy courses we had to ride around a corner, halt beside a jump set up in the middle ish area of the ring (the jump was about 4ft tall, we halted parallel to it) and knock the rail off it, then continue with the course.
    Handy courses are a little like a jumper course, except you ride them the same as a hunter course.. smooth and steady, composed.

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