The Katmah Experience

living and learning one day at a time.

Lesson Day

Today I went over to Charlene’s for a lesson, and boy was it awesome.  We did some grid work, starting with a cross rail, one stride to a vertical. Charlene moved the vertical up to about 3ft.  After working with the one stride for a while, we added the next part of the grid on, two strides to (at first) another 3ft vertical. This vertical soon became a 3ft ish square oxer. After accomplishing that with no problem, the oxer got moved up. We ended that exercise with the oxer being about 3’3, maybe a bit bigger, very wide, and very rampy. Willard was awesome! He drifted left a bit the first few times, but we fixed that by adding a guide rail on either side of the big oxer. It felt so good to be jumping big jumps! I can’t wait for beach party in a couple weeks!

To improve Will’s jump over verticals, Charlene took the front rail off the big oxer at the end of the grid, but left the ground lines far out in front. This forced Will to leave the ground earlier and get a nice arc over the vertical. Will was loving it. He has so much scope, it’d be cool to see how high he can really go!

We also worked on a four stride line, and a single diagonal oxer and vertical. He was great to all of these too. No stops this lesson, not even any hesitation. All trust, and all awesome. It’s great to feel things coming together, finally.


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