The Katmah Experience

living and learning one day at a time.

Sand Box

I’m really sucking at writing posts. What’s it been, a week?

Anyway, today we went to Cambridge Meadow Farms to work in a sand ring with Charlene and Mike, as our upcoming show, Beach Party, is in sand.

I’ll start off by saying, Cambridge Meadows is a beautiful facility. Privately owned, equipped with a outdoor sand ring and a good sized indoor ring. Lovely. We started out the day hacking around while the jumpers schooled. Katie and Lauren both rode awesome, and it was fun watching them! Then Katie hopped on her hunter, Stumpy, and schooled with me and Willard. We just did some basic stuff, a couple single verticals, to a diagonal oxer, to a four stride line. Nothing too complex or big.  Charlene just wanted the horses to get a feel for the sand, as we’ve been competing on grass all year so far.

Willard was having a bit of a fit with bugs today. So the nose flicking started. Which was a tad annoying. He got better throughout the session, focusing more on the jumps and less on what was touching his nose- be it sand, bugs, or air. At the beginning of the lesson, he almost ran right through a jump because he was busy throwing his head around. Hopefully he doesn’t do too much of this at Beach Party!


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