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Beach Warm Ups

I left work at lunch today to head into the city for an AT appointment, where my back, both hips, and my shoulder were worked on. Feeling a bit better now. Earlier this week it hurt to put weight on my “good” hip, and my back has started acting up again. My ankle has been better, I think aqua fit might be helping loosen that up a little bit. I’m a little sore now, after riding and braiding, so I’ve got ice on my back, and probably do the same with my shoulder. However, I must say, usually I’m hardly moving after warm up day. So this is definitely better.

After AT, I headed straight out to the RRX grounds to do schooling rounds for Beach Party. Rush hour traffic was bruuuutal. But I survived. I chowed down a granola bar and some G2 and tacked up Mr Willard as soon as I got there and went out to the warm up ring for a quick hack. He took a few minutes to look around, but soon he was galloping around nicely, not too worried about anything, and I think quite happy to be in a sand ring with no annoying caulks in his feet!

Once we started some fence work, he relaxed even more. He galloped around to everything in the ring no worries, and we were able to find nice distances to everything. After doing all the lines with added strides, we did a course with the right striding, and a more opened up pace. It’s harder when the jumps are as small as they were, but we got good distances and a solid pace pretty quickly. It was definitely one of the better warm ups I’ve had! Even Charlene was impressed! 🙂 We’ll see what tomorrow brings!

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