The Katmah Experience

living and learning one day at a time.

Day 1 and 2 at Beach

Day one:

We didn’t actually do anything till about 2, so a lot of wandering around and watching. Our first class was the Junior Amateur 2’9.  We had an excellent round. All our strides were right, and we had a nice flow. Unfortunately we didn’t place. There were quite a few people in the class, and a lot of nice horses. The judge was also slightly asleep. Our next round, Sr. Low, went alright. I made a mistake coming into a line. But everything else in the course was good.

Day two:

Today started off with a lot more wandering around and waiting. Once again I started riding around 2 with my J/A handy hunter. I have no words for how good this round was. Flawless. No joke. When I came out of the ring, Charlene immediately came up to me (she looked a little teary) and all she had to say was “Oh, I’m so PROUD of you!” over and over while patting my leg. I was all smiles. Two of her other very accomplished students also were very impressed.  It made my day to have impressed all three of those people. We won that class, beating out some very nice horse and rider combos. Thankfully the judge was not asleep today. I had two 3ft rounds as well. Open and Sr. Low Handy. They went well, but not as good as my J/A. I was still happy though, the improvements that I’ve seen not only in my riding, but in Will’s trust in me over the past few weeks are AMAZING. I’m so pleased with the progress being made, and how it’s paying off!

My back and shoulder aren’t doing too well at the moment, which is slightly frustrating. I’ve stretched and iced, but it’s not helping. I have one more show day left and then it’s monday. If things don’t improve I’m not sure how work is going to go next week. My body is impossible.

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