Day three went very well! We started off the day with an Adult Amateur Medal equitation class. My course was all right, a little messy though. We didn’t place in that one- there was some big competition. I was very happy with him nonetheless though, and the flat portion (sitting trot) went SO much better then it would have even 2 months ago. Thank you exercise and conditioning. Our next class was Open Low Handy at 3ft.  We had a good round in this, and placed 5th in a class of about 12.  We placed 4th in the under saddle portion! Then it was onto the Hunter Classic Open Challenge class. I went into the 2’9″ division. This class consists of two rounds. The riders are told their score after each round and after both rounds the scores are added. There were three divisions, 3ft, 2’9 and 2’6. It’s a combined class, so all these divisions are judged on the same card. My first round was really good, except I had a wide turn coming into a diagonal six stride- and this caused me to add for the seven. The judge gave me a score of 68 for this round- Charlene said that the fact that she gave me over 65 with an add shows that the rest of my round was very good. My second round went much better! I fixed the turn into that line, and had beautiful distances to every jump. Except the last fence. I got a bit of an awkward distance because we had a bit too much pace coming home. Still very happy, and I got a score of 74. My combined final score was 142. Very respectable! The highest round score of the day was 81, so I was only 7 points off of that!

I’ve learned this weekend that anyone can buy an expensive horse, but it takes dedication and skill to take a horse you can afford and turn it into a quality horse. You build your own horse. It’s nice to finally see all my work coming out in Will. He’s becoming a very nice horse and this weekend showed he can be competitive in open and senior level classes against some quality competition. Hopefully we keep improving over the next couple of months!! 🙂

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