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All This Beauty

It’s been a rough week. After the last show, my new back pain didn’t wear off like I’d hoped. It stayed around till.. now. By Thursday of last week ( a long week of not functioning at all for pain) I called my AT from work and asked her opinion. She said that because random stuff kept happening and I seemed to not be making much recovery progress that she was referring me to a sport med at Legacy. So my history was faxed over and an appointment was made with a specialist there. My appointment isn’t for another week and a bit- so I’m going in tomorrow to AT to see if that can help me function a bit better. To give you an idea of how much pain I was in last week, I tried to ride two horses in one night. I got through one session with Cash, painfully, and then drove to Sanford to ride my own horse.. got off after 15 minutes because of pain. So this is frustrating. I’m really hoping it’s nothing serious enough to jeopardize my upcoming move (48 days). That would REALLY suck.

I’m going to try aqua-fit tonight, and go easy with it, just to see if it loosens up any in the water. Doubtful, but hopeful. In the meantime I’ve been baking. Currently Oreo cupcakes. I plan on taking them to work tomorrow to share, and into the AT centre. I rode yesterday, or tried to. I am so stiff that I felt  bad asking Will to do any ring work because I knew my stiff back would effect him too- so I just went for a 4 mile hack on the dirt roads. It was like 35 degrees out without humidex- but we had a nice ride nonetheless. I’m hoping to ride thursday with Charlene and Saturday in another Curry Clinic. I really hope I’m not in too much pain for that. And yes I know I should take a break from riding and see if that makes a difference, but I can’t very well do that for another year or so as I have 2 horses to sell, and 9 months in NZ to be working my dream job. So.. back/hip/shoulder/body please hold out for a little while longer. Then I’ll try and give you a break. Maybe.

Work has been hot and slow for me. It was 37 degrees today and it’s supposed to be around that temperature all week. So that’s awesome. The UV was 10 today- also pretty fantastic. We make work fun though, and I’m blessed with fantastic co-workers. Couldn’t ask for a better summer job.

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