The Katmah Experience

living and learning one day at a time.


Rode in an Andrew Curry clinic today, after working from 6am-11am spraying 4000 rows of wheat. The clinic was pretty good, I was very stiff in the saddle because my back is not great today-but I’m pretty sure the only one who noticed that was me and probably Willard. We started off our session with a warm up of lots of transition work, which we nailed. I’ve been working with Will on transitions a bunch since the last clinic (6 weeks ago), and it’s really been paying off. Transition work is second to none when training a hunter/jumper or really any horse. Then we started jumping work.

The first exercise was a three fence gymnastic- one stride between each jump. Andrew’s only critique on this for me was to make sure I slow my body and don’t out jump the horse- I tend to duck sometimes going over fences, especially lower ones. It’s important to stay tall with your back and shoulders and close your hip angle with the horse over the fence, not throw your shoulders towards him in the air. The next addition was a vertical off the diagonal after the grid. Then a 4 stride line (trotting in) was added, later it became a 3 stride with a large oxer out, then around the corner transitioning to a trot and catching a skinny box out of the corner bending line (6 strides) to a vertical home.

Will and I handled everything in the clinic very very well today. I found everything so easy and kept wondering when Andrew was going to throw in another twist-but every time he did we handled it with ease. I guess all the work I’ve been doing with Charlene and on my own is really starting to pay off. Andrew himself said after the clinic that it’s clear that I’ve been working hard with Will and all the transition exercises he gave me are  really paying off. He also said that I’m much more supportive in the saddle, and that’s why today’s work seemed so simple. Good, bad, or ugly I am still there supporting the horse with confidence and a steady hand/leg combination- this makes the horse much more sure of his job and his ability to jump out of deep distances and also find the perfect distances is that much more improved.

After getting off today my body promptly re-reminded me that I’m supposed to be resting and healing.. I could hardly walk. As I write I’m icing and stretching. My shoulder is also very unhappy, which is another sign that I need to slow down. I have a lesson scheduled with Charlene on monday night, as my Thursday night lesson was cancelled due to a missing shoe on my horse. My plan for next week is to ride in my lesson and then see how I feel. If I feel like I do right now, then Monday is it for next week. I can’t push myself so hard if I want to be able to function in NZ.. I also have that appointment with the specialist at Legacy on Wednesday morning, and I’m wondering what he is going to say. Keep your fingers crossed for good news and a simple recovery!

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