The Katmah Experience

living and learning one day at a time.


Got to Legacy Sports Clinic half an hour early today, the same time the receptionist arrived. So I waited in my car like a dork for another 15 minutes, then got out and managed to set off my own car alarm in the process. Embarrassing moment of the day number 1! I then spent the next hour with Dr. Priestly, who assessed my shoulder, back, hips, neck and knees. He came to the conclusion that all my nerves, joints, and ligaments work and move beautifully, and other then the minor issues I’ve had with my lower back and shoulder, there is nothing wrong with me. He got me in the one of Legacy’s two chiropractors for Active Release treatment this friday, which is basically a combination of acupuncture, chiro stuff, and really deep tissue massage. He said it’s a bit painful, but usually effective. He also said that because all my joints are so flexible, I need to up my strength training a shittonne. Well, he didn’t use those words exactly, but that was his point.

So, I have 39 days left to complete my transformation into superwoman.

I called my AT after my assessment and we discussed what comes next. She agrees with the Active Release, so I’ll be doing that Friday afternoon. And she is going to help me get back into strength training. We plan to start off where we were before things got bad again, and work from there. I’m going to start biking, plus aquafit classes starting tomorrow and then add weight training back into my schedule. We’re moving Willard back home to Carman next week, so things should get easier with him here. It’ll free up a lot of time that I previously spent driving 45 minutes there and back to ride 3-5 times a week. Let’s not mention the gas money.

I’ll need to focus a lot of time strengthening my legs, as the equestrian sport demands a lot from our legs and core muscles. While I already have decently strong legs, there is always room to improve. Especially in my hips. So lots of squats, bridges, lunges, and balance work are in my near future. I’m actually excited to get back into an intense training routine- there’s nothing nicer then seeing improvements in your riding when you’ve been doing extra strength work on the side. Because it really does help. I believe every rider should have an exercise routine outside of just working horses, even if you ride everyday seven days a week, there are some muscles that need more attention then what you do on the horses back, and you’re equitation will thank you for every squat, plank, bridge, sit up, lunge or core work out you do.

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