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Two Heart

Today was better.

My body was functioning properly, which made riding so much easier, and fun. I could actually follow my horse’s movement with my body, instead of just sitting there and steering, like I was doing yesterday due to soreness. I didn’t actually start riding today until about 2, due to delays in the ring. My three classes today were Open Low, Sr. Low Handy, and Adult Ami/Non Pro. All 3fts! And let me tell you, the courses at Heart are actually the right height, 3ft looks gigantic to me! I guess it’s usually slightly smaller at other shows.

My first round was going VERY well. The first three jumps were gorgeous, we were on pace and jumping great! Then coming down a 5 stride after the first fence, Willard caught eye of something outside the ring and ran out of the exit oxer. It’s too bad, cause we were at the perfect distance and he was set up perfectly! Almost every horse today had issues with that line, it was spookier then it was yesterday I guess. He went back to it and jumped out nicely the second time.

Our next round, Sr. Low Handy, was not awful. It was definitely an improvement of  yesterday. Our pace and trust is starting to come back, inch by inch. I couldn’t get him back as quick as I would of liked coming to the trot fence, so we weren’t set up in a nice curve to get to the next fence. I’m not going to complain though, it could have been a lot worse.

Adult Ami/Non-Pro wasn’t as hot as Sr. Low. Will got a bit strong and mouthy after the first part of the course, and started dragging me to the base of jumps. We placed fourth out of five in this class. There is some tough competition at this show. And some gorgeous horses. Can’t wait to see what the next two days bring!

Videos coming soon!

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