The Katmah Experience

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Three and Four Heart.

Well. It sort of got better. Saturday we competed in Sr. Low Handy, Open Low, and Adult Ami classes. My first round of these three was a gong show. We added in everything and had a rail I believe. My second round started out gorgeous. Coming to the second jump, and oxer with natural rails, a brick box, and pink flowers with the perfect pace and distance to take off, my dear boy decides to run out the side instead. We went back the second time and he jumped it nicely and went on to complete the course. Okay, well that sucked. But we moved onto our next round. Similar course, coming to this oxer. He does the same thing. He wasn’t spooking. Just casually changing direction. It wasn’t something I could feel or predict. He really did have the perfect distance to the jump. And every time, he went back very perfectly the second time and did the rest of the course with no issue. FRUSTRATING. We placed 4th out of 5 in our Adult Ami/ Non pro that day, and third in the flat portion. He was very good in the flat, probably the best flat class I’ve had all season. He was trying to make amends I think.

Hanging out at Heart!

Sunday. Medal day. Our first class was the Open Age Medal. Once again a repeat of yesterday’s shenanigans. Second jump, and oxer out of line, runs out the side. Out of nowhere. Goes back, does it perfectly the second time around and finishes the course like a champ. A douchey champ. Next class, Adult Ami/Non-Pro Medal. Starts out gorgeous, does a beautiful roll-back from three to four but runs out the side of four. Goes back perfect and does the last half of the course better then anything he’s done this year. Go figure. Even Charlene had no ideas as to why he was doing this over and over again. I can’t feel it coming, therefore I can’t predict when to correct him.  Charlene is just as confused as I am.

As you’ll see in the video, he literally just changes direction in a split second. He comes right up to the jump, and like a stride out from a great distance he just shifts over. Wtf.

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