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Sunflower seeds

We’re on our way! The rest of the famjam arrived 15 minutes early, per the usual for any trip with grandpa along. We loaded up all our bags, included my supersized bag. Max the cat already tried to settle down in the van, hidden among the bags, but got bored and jumped out (thankfully) before we left. I scored the back seat in the van beside all the bags. Uncle Lyle’s and my bike are loaded on the back, much to my mother and grandparents worry, and the tales of cougars in the area we want to bike are spinning. After almost forgetting all my paperwork and passport, we were on our way!
It only took about an hour for the CBC radio to be turned on, and grandpa to break out his sunflower seeds. I passed the first few hours by reading “Open”, a autobiography by Andre Agassi. A talented athlete with a confusing and difficult life. I’m fascinated by this book, and have been able to relate to many points he makes about sport and life.
It still hasn’t hit me. That I’m moving so far away in a week. Right now it just feels great to be with my family driving across the country. Couldn’t imagine myself being anywhere else.
When we got to Moosejaw we checked into our hotel and then went to a tunnel tour, about illegal chinese immigrants in the early 1900s. After that we went out for Chinese food. Lyle and I went for a bike ride after supper, which was nice. Then I tried to do some strength stuff when we got back. I couldn’t get my focus enough to do anything.. It was frustration. My back was also more sore than it has been in a while.. Probably from how I was sitting in the van all day.. So I finished off with a bunch of stretches and packed it in.
Tomorrow we’re heading to Cochrane. Should be a fun day, again we’re running on “Rance” time.. So starting at 6am. Gotta love vacations.
More later!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing photos of your new workplace. Enjoy your family vacation!

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