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Prairie = Desert?

It’s been a long few days! We’ve been working non-stop 12 hour days in prep for the arrival of the owner and an away show. The barn is now spotless and 9 horses were sent off to the show yesterday in two of our trucks. I was left at home to help run the farm with two others, and cover Kyle’s riding schedule. I still have a lingering head cold, along with food  poisoning, which appeared yesterday. I rode a 4 year old stud colt here yesterday, Yoyo, who wasn’t the easiest ride as you could imagine- especially since there was a mare being ridden the the other ring right beside us. Also, since I was very sick with whatever I ate at lunch. However, I survived- and the horse eventually started paying attention to me. It was interesting riding a stallion for the first time, especially such a young one. I’m scheduled to ride two studs on Sunday for Kyle, Yoyo again and Buck (LC Telepathy) who is one of my favourites on the farm to work with. But, seeing as I’m currently lying in bed very sick- I’m not sure that’s going to happen. I honestly don’t mind the break, though.

Here are some of the differences I’ve noticed so far between Manitoba and New Zealand:

THE MOON IS UPSIDE DOWN. Freaked me out so bad the first time I noticed.

Nobody has any idea where Manitoba is, or what the prairies are/look like. I tried describing it to one of my coworkers the other day, and she promptly said “oh! So exactly like the desert?!” No.

This one’s obvious, but there is nowhere that is flat. I mean, it’s hard to beat the Canadian Prairies for flat- but even still. And no such thing a straight roads. I don’t know how people pass, but still they do it.

People really do just assume the Canadians live in -40 degree weather 12 months of the year. It’s not just the Americans that think that.

I know I’ve noticed more, but I’m too tired to remember them. Here are some more pictures!

Courtesy of ChaCha the horse.

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