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Kiwi Moment #…?

Survived my first day back at work after spending the last 4 days lying in bed being sick. I was very light headed all morning, but after about 11am I started feeling much better and got some of my old energy back. We had a pretty quiet day today too, that helped. The most excitement we had was bringing in and changing rugs for the three days of rain we’re about to have. It started pouring about 6 tonight and isn’t supposed to stop until Thursday. Yay spring time!

About 4:30 we got a call at the barn from the yard manager who had gone home earlier saying that his sheep had gotten out and he needed us to come help him chase them back. So at 5 he picked us up and off we went to herd sheep. In a storm. With a crazy bird stalking/attacking us. On a giant hill. Sheep make up for their stupidity by being adorable. And so soft. We eventually got the sheep back, after Alan had been attacked by the bird and I almost fell down the hill… numerous times. Balance is awesome.

Top 10 lessons learned so far:

  1. Teriyaki sauce goes in the fridge after being opened, not the cupboard. Unless you enjoy dying.
  2. Grocery shopping for the first few times without a parent or any sort of guidance is often confusing and frustrating. And more expensive then necessary.
  3. Going to bed at 8:30 isn’t a bad thing. Ever.
  4. Kiwis love Canadians. Especially when they lose by 30 points to the All Blacks.
  5. Don’t act too shocked when you see a cat inside the pub. It’s normal.
  6. Rub A535 is never a bad purchase. Especially when you’re me.
  7. Never be afraid of Plan B. Or C. Or D.
  8. If you can light a fire, you will be valued in any house hold with a fireplace in any country where it’s cold, damp, and rainy.
  9. Don’t act on the dreams you have when you’re sick.. they rarely if ever make any sense and should be ignored upon awakening.
  10. Make friends with everyone you can. You never know who you’ll need on your side, or when.
I’m sure there will be many more where those came from. It’s only been a month after all!

One response to “Kiwi Moment #…?”

  1. Love your lessons learned Kathlyn and so glad you are feeling better. Hang in there!

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