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Focus.. and dresses.

“You must look at yourself first before you look at the horse. Focus on what you’re doing, and if it isn’t working- concentrate to make a change and see if it helps the horse understand” – Steve helping me work with Tigra on her upwards canter transitions. It’s amazing how much it can help to just take a second and completely focus on what your body is doing. Just a small change in your cues can help the horse, and you, immensely!

I’ve been riding 2-3 horses a day the past couple days as Kyle is away in Australia for the next few days. I’ve been working a lot with Tigra (LC Uphoria) a 4yr old TB cross mare. Steve was happy enough with my work with her to ask me to ride her tomorrow for some clients who are coming to view horses. I find her very easy to work with, maybe it’s because she’s very thoroughbred-ish and I’m used to that type of horse. I also do seem to have a touch with chestnut mares. I rode another 4 yr old chestnut mare, Suzie (LC Umhlanga Rocks) today. This was my second ride on her, and everyone who passed by me when I was working with her said the same thing.. “You look SO good on her. She moves perfect with you! Wow!”. I also rode Tilly (LC Funny Lass), a 7yr old who has lots of talent. She’s been ranked highly in all her age divisions so far (stats are on the website She was a very fun ride, mostly because she’s the first “mature” horse I’ve ridden and I didn’t have to worry too much about her freaking out if a leaf moved on a tree outside the ring.  I ended up riding ChaCha (LC Talent), a 5 yr old mare, as well last minute.

Saturday night we decided to go into Auckland to watch the semi-final match between France and Wales. We got dressed up in our “french” attire and supported France as two of the girls here are French.

Yeah, we went for the glowing blue horns. We got lots of cheers from other french fans and even people supporting other teams were impressed. I have to say, I fell a little bit in love with Auckland- the tiny bit that I saw. It’s a very cool city and I can’t wait to explore it more.

Here are some more lessons I’ve figured out.

  • Car parks close at 12am. And by close, I mean close. Your car is locked in, and you can’t get to it. Now this isn’t a big problem if the number on the sign for security is the right number. But if it is the number of the wrong company, and they don’t have any  numbers for anybody who can get your car and it’s 2am, raining, and you know nobody in a big city- it’s kinda a problem.
  • Taxis are a blessing.
  • Being tall is really handy when you’re trying to watch rugby on a giant tv screen in a public place!
  • McDonalds is just as good, if not better here.
  • Doing anything on three hours of sleep- especially work- still sucks here.
  • Rugby fans love blue glowing devil horns. Who would’ve thought.
  • Riding 2-3 horses a day hurts..
  • As do electric fences. Especially when they hit the right spot and you can feel them travel through your body and shoot out your foot. It still hurts… 5 hours later.
  • Apparently, Canadian accents sound like Texan accents- at least that’s what the kiwi imitation of a canadian sounds like.
Next week I leave on Tuesday to go to a 3* show in Hastings (approx 7 hours away). We’re taking 10 horses and staying there until Friday. I’m mostly excited about having two 7 hours trips in which I can sleep. Maybe it’s just cause I’m very sleep deprived while writing this. If I didn’t have to do night check tonight- I’d be in bed right now.. it’s 7pm.

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