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All in a days work.

Flew into Christchurch late last night. The following photos are mostly from my hike around Halswell Quarry Park, and then a few at the bottom from my drive into Auckland yesterday morning! Tomorrow I’m going to test out the public transit system here, and see where I end up. Won’t be anywhere the main city centre, as it’s still in ruins from last years quake. It’s beautiful here though! I managed to find enough for a bus fare in my wallet.. reminded me of searching for change so I could take the bus last year at Uni. Too bad I can’t pull the old “put your hand over the date on the 3 day old transfer ticket and see if the driver notices or cares” trick. That worked a few times for me in Winnipeg.. Only got kicked off once. Anyway. There will be more on my South Island adventures, no doubt. For now- enjoy these shots!

125m above sea level!

Couldn't resist.
Looking towards Christchurch City


2 responses to “All in a days work.”

  1. Hey lovely Quarry shots….right by my house! Hope you enjoy your time in Chch!

    1. Thanks! It’s been great so far! Love it here!

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