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Christchurch and Surrounding Area


The Arts Centre- still closed due to earthquake damage. As you can see..


Hearts for Christchurch!
Hearts for Christchurch!


Santa's new ride.

Empty downtown..

The usual busy city centre was rather quiet and deserted except for the workers and the occasional tourist. It’s all fenced off, and signs warning against the area are everywhere.

Big rock!
Byrdling's Flats

eThe past few days have been filled with a hurried adventure around the Christchurch area. Yesterday I took the bus into the city and wandered around and today my gracious host Tracy toured me around the country side. Tomorrow I’m busing to Dunedin to.. I’M STILL NOT TELL YOU. Keep checking to find out what happens on Dec. 12th. Trust me, you will want to find out.



One response to “Christchurch and Surrounding Area”

  1. You seem to be finding the most beautiful places! You are making so many memories that no one can take away from you. Enjoy!

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