The Katmah Experience

living and learning one day at a time.



My number one concern when shaving my head was that my riding helmet would be too big. Not that it matters too much as I haven’t been riding in over 2 months now. But still, it was a big concern. I worked up the guts to try it on once and for all today to find out. To my great relief it still fits reasonably well! Granted my hair has grown in quite a bit since December 12. I’m about ready to get back into the saddle ASAP, but will hold true of staying away from anything involving being on the back of a horse until I’m back in Manitoba. Which may be sooner then originally stated, but more on that later! The next couple days are quite busy as I’m helping Alison pack and move to her new place in North Shore. Speaking of which I’m supposed to be cleaning my room. I’ll post more news later in the week! Happy New Year everyone!


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