The Katmah Experience

living and learning one day at a time.


I’m practicing my visualisation skills this morning while eating our pb and j breakfast after cooking and serving sausages, baked beans, and numerous other delicious sights and smells. If I try real hard this sandwich really does taste like hot sausages and beans. Mmmm.
It was a breezy 10 degrees last night and pretty darn chilly. I slept alone in our tent pod as apparently when Jenaya tried to get in last night I went, and I quote, “all ninja on her ass” and she slept in another part of the tent. Note to self, no ninja-ing tonight.
Our shift is only a couple hours in and we’re already pulling out the milo and coffee mix. I call it miloffee. Our accents are getting quite a lot of attention and apparently mine is a lot less thick now. But still very present. Jenaya and I are very aware that we’ll be the two coolest people in Carman when we get back because we’ll be chatting away in kiwi slang and nobody will know what we’re on about.
Sweet as!

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