The Katmah Experience

living and learning one day at a time.

Timing is everything

We had the most amazing thing happen to us today!

I’ve joined Hannah and Niamh, two grooms I worked at LC with, and we’re road tripping about. Our strategy is to stay in a campsite one night, and then sleep in our car for a couple nights. We slept in our car last night. This car is not a big car. It’s a small ’89Toyota corolla, and it’s stuffed full of all our stuff. We are quite the site when we finally all get tucked in. I originally started out in the driver’s seat, but after getting stuck between the steering wheel a few times I switched Niamh (who is the size of a pixie stick) for the back. Which was quite alright if I stuck my legs out the window.

Anyway, today! We lined up a temporary job at racing barn, with trainer Paul Nelson, and due to bad directional skills/common sense got there an hour late. Nevertheless, we went straight to exercising the steeplechasers up, down, and around the rolling hills. The views were absolutely spectacular, and it was so much fun! I missed riding a good thoroughbred, and it’s a great work out too! The horse I was riding, Yorkie, was at least 17hh. I’ll try to get some pictures of the view tomorrow. Pretty much imagine the best landscape you’ve ever seen and quadruple it. Even better from the back of the horse. Almost better then the riding, we’ve been given beds and so far lunch AND dinner. Oh and showers. For homeless people like us this is huge. Plus we’re getting paid. I wish I found this 6 months ago!
We’re planning on staying until Sunday and then moving on to Wellington. Based on today, if I didn’t want to see the South Island before I left I’d be tempted to take up Paul’s full time offer.
They fed us lamb roast with delicious veggies and wine for supper. Such nice people! Tomorrow Hannah and I are the only two working so we’ll be off our feet riding out horses all morning. It will be exhausting, but so much fun I’m sure. I actually feel like I’m finally in decent shape again- after handling today’s work out quite well while a few others were pretty breathless after a few laps of the valley. My legs are a big jelly like now, though- which is fair enough as I haven’t ridden in so long- especially not at this intensity. But I’m loving it!
I have lots of pictures from the past few days here in Napier, which I promise I will post ASAP. I just need to find the energy to edit them- which I do not have right now. This lovely bed is calling me and after about a week sleeping on solid ground and in cars.. Well.. This is basically a 5 star hotel.
Here are a few pics from Parachute though!








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