This is what happens..

When you give your horse 8 months off.

  1. Hair grows.
  2. Pot bellies form.
  3. Grey turns into brown from dirt.
  4. Attitudes change from “Oh hi, Mom!” to “You don’t know anything, mother, get off my back!”
  5. Sitting trot turns into crazy collected canter with a squeal every time I half halt.
  6. Bouncing on the spot is back in fashion.
  7. Leaning on the bit is cool too.

Needless to say, I have a lot of work to do. Tonight, after lunging and getting his attention semi-focused on me, I spent quite awhile doing trot figure eights. When he didn’t lighten up on my hands, I switched to walking, halt transitions and then bending circles and counter bending until he was a little bit more relaxed. Then I attempted sitting trot, but soon discovered that he no longer knows what it is- and spent a good half an hour trying to re-teach that skill, to not much avail. So back to lateral work at a walk, and then posting trot. It’s a good thing I’m patient. And I love my pony.



Lots has changed in the past 6 months.. for me, anyway. I’ve learned many valuable lessons, including, but not limited to:

Teriyaki sauce + refridgerator = no food poisoning.

Family is family. No matter where you are, or how massive your family tree is.

It’s easy to get taken advantage of, if you let it happen.

Something is always going to go wrong, sometimes it has to in order for you to get on the right track again.

Thoroughbreds can get fat over the winter. Especially when the average temp. is 1o degrees above.

The past 2 weeks for me have been pretty uneventful. Compared to the week before that. I’ve caught up with the town of Carman, and had my Thanksgiving/Christmas meal, organized my University changes (more later on that), seen a surgeon (still don’t have a date), eaten KD, ridden my horse a few times, baked brownies,  been to a house warming, and started work. All this is catching up with me, I think. It’s quite difficult re-adjusting to this life when I’ve been living a very different one for the past 6 months. Turns out I’m equally as homesick for NZ as I was for MB. While MB will always be my home- NZ did manage to steal a piece of me and definitely did not let it go. Even after all it put me through. Which, from what I’ve heard, it does this to quite a number of people. Damn you, New Zealand.

Willard, my pudgy pony, is just that- pudgy. But, I must say, for a horse that has had near to 8 months off- he’s being pretty good. Sure his mane is wild and in dire need of pulling, he is a browny gross colour from rolling in the mud constantly, my girths barely fit around his rotund mid section, and he is much more herd bound then he was when I left- but it felt so good to be on my own horse again (until my knee started hurting, again -_-). That was when I really felt like I was home again. That and when I hung out on campus this week. Loved that! Very, very excited to be going back to school soon (just over a month)! On Friday it became official, I’m no longer a Education student. With the click of a mouse, I became a Athletic Therapy student. Can’t say I’m not frightfully intimidated. But it feels really good to finally have made up my mind about this. One less thing to stress about, when I have enough already. As I mentioned, still don’t know when exactly surgery is- except that it’s likely soon, as I have a pre-op appt this week. So can’t be far off, right? Yayy.

Top 5 things I miss about NZ:

  1. The people.
  2. The ocean.
  3. Being the one with an accent.
  4. Their accents.
  5. Generally just being there.

Top 5 things I love about being home:

  1. The people.
  2. Talking to my horse in a stupid baby voice.
  3. Running here, opposed to running in NZ. It makes me feel like a super runner. No hills 🙂
  4. Fast internet.
  5. The fact that summer followed me home (you’re welcome, everybody).