This is what happens when mom gives me her camera and sets me free.


It’s now been approximately 3.5 months since complete baldness. Here’s a progress report in the form of me abusing my webcam privileges.

This is what happens..

When you give your horse 8 months off. Hair grows. Pot bellies form. Grey turns into brown from dirt. Attitudes change from “Oh hi, Mom!” to “You don’t know anything, mother, get off my back!” Sitting trot turns into crazy collected canter with a squeal every time I half halt. Bouncing on the spot is…


Lots has changed in the past 6 months.. for me, anyway. I’ve learned many valuable lessons, including, but not limited to: Teriyaki sauce + refridgerator = no food poisoning. Family is family. No matter where you are, or how massive your family tree is. It’s easy to get taken advantage of, if you let it…

I’m back, eh?

Title says it all! I got into Winnipeg at 10:30pm on Wednesday and was welcomed by lots of snow. Good thing Leah and my mom brought my boots!  The first thing I did upon clearing customs in Vancouver was get Tim Hortons- as any self respecting Canadian would. I’ve had Tim’s almost every day since-…