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Pain in the Ass (literally) Part 1

Ookay, so long time no post- but I’m sure you’re used to that by now. I at least have something interesting to post this time, no pictures..thankfully.

I don’t think I mentioned this in my previous post, but I guess about on Monday this week I started getting really bad pain in my tailbone area. I hadn’t done anything traumatic- so I was a bit confused as to why this was occurring. At this point I was in Queenstown staying in a dingy hostel. I figured it must just be from spending hours and hours on buses (which I’m sure didn’t help anyway). I would rate this pain at about an 8 or 9 out of 10. Definitely the worst pain I’ve ever had- and if you know me, you know I’m decently accustomed to pain. Anyway, although I was a little concerned- I wasn’t about to not go out to Milford Sounds (10 hrs on a bus sucked), and hoped it was just bruising and would subside in a few days. Well, a few days passed- which brings my location to Alexandra at the lovely Marie and Ken’s place. By Wednesday, since I don’t usually carry painkillers with me, I had bought some nurofen (ibuprofen). This had little to no effect. By Friday nothing had improved, at all, so I finally decided to find a doctor. I was getting concerned because not only had the pain maintained for a week- it was constant pain. Usually if it’s a muscle thing, certain movements will make it worse, etc. But this was constant. Didn’t matter what I as doing, it was excruciating. So, went to Dr. Norman at the local family clinic. He did a quick look and decided it was a pilonidal cyst, and gave me some antibiotics and stronger pain medication. So off I trotted with my prescription. I started the antibodies as soon as I got home to Marie’s. Really not feeling too hot. So I spent the evening curled up on the couch. Later on, about 9, I got up to get another antibody pill from my room. I made it to my room, got the pill, but noticed as I went to leave my room I was feeling a little faint. Then my vision went. Then my ears started ringing. Then I was kneeling. Me, being me, figured I just needed a glass of water. So I got myself up and went to the kitchen. Where I completely failed at getting water. By this point I remember thinking, okay, this isn’t good, go get someone. So I started walking towards the living area. Still having no vision, or balance, I promptly walked into a wall, and proceeded to pass out. This got Ken’s attention- who quickly jumped up and exclaimed some words not appropriate for wordpress, and put a pillow under my head and got me back to reality. He got me up and almost as soon as I was up again, the whole thing started over. So we sat me down and called the doctor I’d seen earlier. Thank goodness for small towns! We met him back at the clinic where he reassessed me and decided that I might be a little septic, hence the fainting. Thus began my first night in hospital. Dunstan hospital took very good care of me, and it being a small hospital I got my own room too! After being assessed by another doc, having a line put in my arm (in the stupidest place, the only vein he could find was in my elbow), having that arm splinted so I couldn’t bend it, having IV antibiotics, and given some very strong painmeds, I was down for the night. I can’t say I slept great, because I hate painmeds. I can feel the exact moment they kick in, and wear off. So that caused a lot of me being wide awake.

The next day I was seen by yet another doctor, who found that the cyst had begun leaking a little bit-not a lot- as the hole was very small. Here came the decision (not really a decision, more like “you’re going, now”) to move me to Dunedin hospital. Marie and her sister Bern were more than happy to transport me themselves, and set up the car like a mini ambulance, as I couldn’t sit. So I had the seat reclined and full of pillows. I was pretty dopy the whole ride- but my pain at this point was down to 3 or 4 as some of the pressure had been relieved. Upon arriving at Dunedin, I was assessed again by a surgeon, Dr. Rennie.

To be continued…….

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