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Pain in the Ass Part 2

Alright, so where was I.. Dr. Rennie. Right.

I think here’s the point where I should point out that my flight home was booked for March 7- which is this Wednesday (Surprise!). I’d been keeping this a secret- which no longer is a secret due to all these recent events.

It was decided that this was indeed a Pilonidal Cyst, and would need surgically removing. So Dr. Rennie gave me two options- which weren’t really options- 1- we could go to theatre and do the surgery asap, which would mean I would be staying put for 2 weeks at least- more likely 6 weeks or more- or we could go the conservative route first, and see if that clears up the problem enough for me to fly home and do surgery there- still having me on the surgery list just in case things went bad or didn’t imnprove. What do you think I chose. So, what came next? Rennie and her intern Nathan trying to get as much of the gunk out as they could. Definitely one of the most painful things I’ve ever been through, but they got almost all the pus and whatever else out. But in Dunedin I stayed for 2 nights. Dunedin and I do not have a great relationship.. first my hair.. now this? Really? The next morning I was examined yet again by Dr. Rennie, and a higher up surgeon, and their interns. I felt like I was in Grey’s Anatomy! There was interns scribbling furiously in charts around my bed, and surgeons having heated discussions about what to do next. Unfortunately none of them looked even close to McDreamy or McSteamy. So that was disappointing.. It was decided, on Sunday morning that they would insert the tip of a sterile glove into the small opening in the cyst to keep it open, and draining what was left inside- and I was to stay one more night to be observed. My antibiotics were switched to oral now so thankfully I got to have the line taken out of my elbow. I felt so much better after that was out.

I should also mention that dear Marie and her sister Bern stayed with me through all of this. After driving me to Dunedin and getting me settled in they stayed the night at a rellys, and came back to visit me the next day. They went back to Alex that evening, and Marie packed my bags and brought them to me this morning (Monday) so that I would be ready to go, if and when, I got permission to continue on with my scheduled flights. They basically adopted me as their own, which I am so grateful for! I’m also very glad I wasn’t in some random hostel, by myself, when I started passing out and what not. That would have really sucked!

So I hung out in Dunedin for another night, treated very well by the nurses who were all lovely. Going on extreme diets. Since I was on hold for surgery, and nobody ever knew what was going to happen within 24 hours.. I was usually not allowed to eat or drink from midnight on. Usually I got something around 11am each morning, after the decision was made- but then it started all over again. Annoying! But the next night passed, and Dr Rennie came again this morning and gave me the very awesome news that she thought I’d be able to make my flights! So the discharge process started and before I knew it I was out (it felt soooo goood not to be stuck in bed and walking around for the first time in 4 days) and at Dunedin airport purchasing a $325 ticket for a 45 minute flight to Christchurch, where Lindy picked me up. Better then sitting on a bus for 6 hours… 45 minutes was painful enough. Which raises the question of how 14 hours would go over. Not well. This is why we’re hoping that we’ll be able to upgrade my flight to business class so I can lay down for majority of the time.

So that’s been my week. But I’m very happy to be coming home, on time. Even though I’m disappointed that I don’t get to really surprise people anymore.. and that I have to have surgery. Kinda upsets all my plans.. for everything. But I’m feeling much healthier now then I was a few days ago- antibiotics are magic. I haven’t had to rely on painkillers much. Which is good, cause I hate hate hate them. But I’m well stocked up for if I do need them.

Tomorrow morning I get on a flight to Auckland- where I’ll meet up again with my family there, repack and get on a plane on Wednesday evening for Vancouver!!!! I arrive in Vancouver around 12pm Wednesday, and then Winnipeg at around 10pm Wednesday. So time is standing still for me. That will surely be lots of fun!

What have we learned from this? Travel insurance is a very worthwhile investment…

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