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I’m back, eh?

Title says it all! I got into Winnipeg at 10:30pm on Wednesday and was welcomed by lots of snow. Good thing Leah and my mom brought my boots! 

The first thing I did upon clearing customs in Vancouver was get Tim Hortons- as any self respecting Canadian would. I’ve had Tim’s almost every day since- due to trips to Winkler to get my phone and computer sorted. Phone is unfixable, so guess where my first pay cheque is going! Computer (the one with all my pictures) needs a new harddrive. We’re hoping my pictures can be salvaged- or at least that’s what the tech told me. He might just not have wanted to see me burst into tears. Either way- nobody gets to see my pictures for a little while longer, including me!

The thing I’ve found the weirdest since being back is not the snow, or seeing everybody again, it’s the driving. I didn’t realize how used to the left I got until we were driving out of the airport parking lot. Seriously throws me for a loop. Hence why I’ve been banned from driving for a little while. Other then that, absolutely nothing is different. That I’ve found yet anyway. I guess I expected that though, I mean, Carman isn’t a very exciting place on the best of days. My friend Katie probably has the best quote on how exciting it is here.. She came to see me on Thursday evening and after a good 5 minutes trying to come up with something new to tell me, this is what she said..”There was no dog sledding at blizzard fest this year.. cause there was no snow.”. Whoa. I know. 

My horse is quite pudgy, and fuzzy. I haven’t seen him with this much hair.. ever. As usually he’s blanketed in the winter and by this time of year clipped for fair. He has quite a lot of muscle to gain back, and I’m pretty ready to get back on him and get going. Unfortunately, I don’t know if I can for a while- at least until we know when I have surgery. I’m feeling great right now, and I’m sure I could do some riding- and if the put me on a big waiting list, it’s going to be very hard to stop me. I saw a local doctor yesterday, who has referred me to a surgeon who is to call me early next week to set up an appointment, then I might find out how long I’ll have to wait for a surgery date. This is going to drive me nuts! 

I don’t really have any other interesting news at the moment. So I’ll stop here until I have either some pictures to post, or something riveting for you to read. 


2 responses to “I’m back, eh?”

  1. Do you know if you’re going to bring Mr. Willard back to BlueBear or are you going to go board at McMullens?

    You could always do some long-lining or put him in that Pessoa lunging system. I think that will help him build some muscle back up. Lucky guy – he must have been so happy to see you.

    1. He will probably stay here in Carman, at least until next winter. Just cause I work and live here, and it’s free! When he does get moved (assuming I can afford it) he’ll go to McMullans 🙂 I’ll definitely be lunging and doing everything I can to get him back in shape. He needs all the help he can get!

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