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Time flies when you’re having fun?

Hard to believe I’ve already been home almost 2 months! The past few weeks have been an absolute blur for me, so I apologize for the lack of posting going on. If you have me on facebook you will have some idea of how insane my schedule is getting- if you don’t, I’ll briefly outline it for you.

A day in the life.

6:45am get up, proceed to spend 20-30 min in the shower continuing the waking up process. Make lunch, breakfast, and whatever else- walk to work and work 8am-6pm (or 5 depending on the day). Get home, work with horses (depending on weather, of course), eat somewhere in there, and usually by 7 or 8pm be working out with my fantastic personal trainer until 9 or 10pm. Get back home, find bed, and set alarm for the next day- as I’m working 6 days a week right now. This is a very general schedule- soon, as in next week, we’ll be adding in study time as I start classes on Wednesday. Most of the time, if you asked me what day it is, I would not be able to give a quick answer.

So there you go, that’s where all my time is flying to.

Willard is coming along quite nicely, if I do say so. We’ve gotten over the fear of being in the ring alone and can now work successfully without prancing for the first half hour. The other night we even ventured to the back pasture by ourselves to so some conditioning. I was so proud! As it stands right now, I don’t think the Victoria Day Weekend show will be in our reach- as my work schedule will still be insane and we are nowhere near show ready. I’m hoping to make the Summer Smiles show in mid June, that’s my goal anyway. That gives us a month and a half to get ourselves organized. It still might be a stretch.

We had a lesson today with Charlene, and it went so so good! I’ll post some videos later. His canter has become so adjustable lately, all our flat work is paying off! My eye has also improved 110% since last year. Charlene pointed that out, I can see distances from 4/5 strides out and adjust, if needed, so I get to the jump at a good spot. It all felt so natural today. We didn’t have one bad jump! Even cantering to a single oxer off a diagonal turn, which was our weakness last year. Happy dance!

And yes, I have a personal trainer. Or the equivalent of. It’s been 2 weeks of working out 5 days a week, plus riding- and I have to say, I’m feeling awesome. I feel stronger in the saddle (and more confident as a result), and all those pesky injuries haven’t bothered me much at all since starting this new work out. A lot of what we do is strength stuff, as that is what I need more of. I already have the flexibility of a elite gymnast. The reason I end up with so many out of the blue muscular problems is because of that flexibility, so we’re balancing it out with some strength. I’ve made the decision to commit to improving my fitness and basically rebuild my body- because I’m tired of being frustrated and hurting myself. Although I did do a lot of working out before, I accomplish more when I have someone there to push me and challenge me- at the same time keep me from hurting myself and over doing it. I plan on posting our work out records on here eventually, so anybody who is interested can follow my progress! If this is 2 weeks, I can’t wait for 4 weeks! If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you- right?

As I said earlier, I start classes this week! Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9am-12 I’ll be in the city for Anatomy, and then back in Carman to work until 6. I’m so excited!! Which I know I probably will regret saying later on, when I’m studying all the time. But still, so pumped! To make it all better, my favourite AT is my teacher! Can’t wait!

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