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Look! No Hands!

Yes, I know its been a very long time since I’ve posted. And I have lots to write about. Unfortunately, I’m dead tired and flat out busy basically 24/7. So you’ll just have to wait. Until then, here are some stills from some video. No hands grid exercise was brought out again, and all I will say is somewhere over the last 8 months everything we’ve been working on with Willard has clicked and I seem to have a superstar on my hands now. As you can see in the pictures, the ears are pricked and he is having a blast, making everything look easy. Happy dance!


2 responses to “Look! No Hands!”

  1. One thing I always admire about your riding Kathlyn is that you always maintain a straight line from the horse’s mouth, up the rein, through your forearm and to your elbow. When looking at some of the photos from this weekend, I am jamming my hands down and get a disconnected line from Moe’s mouth to my elbow. I think it comes from having long reins a short arm instead of short reins and a long arm. Can I use one of your pics in a comparative blog post?

    1. Thank you! That’s years of Coaches patiently reminding me haha- and yes of course you can!

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