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One view I’m sick of.


My body just can’t keep it together this year, it seems.

I’m back in a hospital- this is my third night here. This is, thankfully, completely unrelated to the surgery I had last month- but unfortunately may result in another surgery. Tuesday evening I started feeling pretty sick, and I thought I was food poisoning- as I had had the same symptoms twice earlier this year when I was overseas. Both previous times I was scary sick for 3-4 days, first 24 hours consist of getting absolutely everything possible out of my stomach- the next few days trying not to move. This was/is pretty much the same. The difference this time being I actually went to a hospital because I couldn’t handle the pain.

And I’ve been here since.

The doctors here don’t seem to think its food poisoning. Reoccurring appendicitis is their diagnosis, after my blood results Wednesday show a high white blood count and general palpations of my lower abdominals are not fun at all. I haven’t had any morphine since the first night- haven’t really needed it and my reaction to it Tuesday kinda scared me so I’m avoiding it if I can. Was similar to my reaction going under for surgery last time, and coming out of anesthetic. The sensation of suffocating and dizziness are just not what I like to feel. Ever.

They haven’t been definite on if they are doing sugary ASAP or if they are waiting. It tends to change based on who sees me. Dr Clayton, the surgeon in Carman, said today that he didn’t think he was going to “cut me up” right away, and maybe wait to see if we could do it sometime other then when I’m about to start school. But the night nurse just told me to hold off eating and drinking after midnight, “just in case”. But it sounds like, at some point, I will be having another surgery. Perfect.

My WBC was better today, but I still don’t feel near 100%, especially after eating. This hospital bed is managing to make every thing that had improved in my back and shoulder feel awful and basically my body feels bruised from the inside out (probably from all the dry heaving I did Tuesday). Also I’m realizing I am WAY too used to hospitals and everything that comes with it. I don’t even blink over needles, iVs, or drawing blood anymore. I can tell when a nurse is headed towards my room long before they get here, and I haven’t died of boredom yet. The only thing I can’t do is morphine, so hopefully I don’t need anymore of that for a while..

Anybody know where I can buy a bubble?

One response to “One view I’m sick of.”

  1. Oh Kathlyn, I feel so so bad for you. You have had way to much going on with your body this year. I am amazed you can still write. LOLHope you feel better soon and never have to have morphine again! Cant they give you something else? Demoral is really good. Ha HaAnyway get better soon and I am working on where to get a bubble. Love Allyson

    Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2012 02:24:36 +0000 To:

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