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What are you doing?

As I was sitting half asleep in my anatomy and physiology lecture on the cardiovascular system the other day, resisting the urge to completely lose all attention and open up Pinterest on my phone, we received some fun facts (I’m sure also testable facts) about the heart.

Your heart beats approx. 35 million times per minute, pumps more than 10 million Litres of blood a year, and circulates blood through 100,000km of blood vessels. 

And that is just one little muscle in your body. If you stop and think about all the things your body does in a minute- well, you wouldn’t even be able to. There is too much going on. The body is constantly rebuilding tissues, relaying information about our surroundings to our brain so we can adapt to different situations, keeping us upright, moving, breathing, circulating, seeing, smelling, feeling, hearing.. alive. All those things we don’t even think about, your body is taking care of. No questions asked, no thanks required. But maybe there should be.

I’ve never really had a really unhealthy lifestyle. But, I have definitely taken my body for granted, whether it be playing through a few too many injuries in high school, and afterwards, letting anxiety take over my thoughts, or just letting the little things get to me. The past year has shown me how easily things can be taken away if you don’t take care of yourself (or even just at random). It’s actually a miracle everything goes right on a regular basis inside the body. The more I progress in the health industry, the more I realize the importance of helping yourself out in every way you can. That doesn’t necessarily have to mean becoming a gym rat, though. It means placing value in what you put into your body, moving more than sitting around, and keeping your head in a good space. Balancing your input with your output, and not being afraid to take a breather every once in a while. Spend some time with family, friends, people who make you smile. Do things that get you inspired. Do things for you.

If you are already athletically inclined, there is even more reasons to take care of yourself. Yes, the body benefits greatly from exercise. But the point of exercise is to stress and overload the body. So if you’re doing that, but not giving it the proper nutrients and rest- well, I know how that ends and it’s not fun. It’s stressful, it’s frustrating, and it’s a hard hole to get out of. Be smart about your life. Your body will do (and keep doing) amazing things for you, if you take care of it. It’s a two way street. The most successful athletes, and persons in general, are the ones who take care of every aspect of their health. It’s a dynamic, multidimensional thing- and we can’t live without it.

So, after saying all that. What are you doing to thank your body for all it does?

Think about it!




2 responses to “What are you doing?”

  1. Where can I get a pair of awesome shorts like yours?

    1. I got them from lulu! I was lucky to find these for $9 on sale!

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