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2013 Top Ten

It’s that time of year again! Another year full of ups and downs is coming to a close, and since I don’t believe in setting resolutions (especially not when they are only set once a year..), it’s time again to reflect on the most memorable moments of 2013. Of course in no particular order, below is the top 10 moments (some good, some.. a learning experience..) from the past 12 months.

  • Applying for, interviewing, and accepting a job at MORfit. I laugh at the thought that I almost decided to pass on sending in a resume to this kijiji job posting almost a year ago. How different would things have been? I might not have gained as much hands on clinical experience, nor been as surrounded by many ambitious, motivated, and some of the nicest, professionals in the fitness industry, nor have gotten the opportunity to design and run a program I’ve been dreaming of setting up for years now. Its common for me to go into work stressed, or tired, or just in a bad mood- however, no matter what happens during my shift, or how long it is, I’ve noticed a trend that I always leave a shift feeling happy and reminded that what I do is what I love to do.
  • Getting one more opinion on my health from a Naturopath- and in turn, changing my eating habits. The impact improving my nutrition seriously has had on pretty much every aspect of my life continues to astound me. I have no doubt that half of what I’ve accomplished this year might not have been doable without the improvement in health I got from these changes.
  • That fateful day when I got concussed. Probably not one of my favourite moments of the year.. however, it did bring along some great opportunities. Past the hellish symptoms that lasted for far too long (partially my fault), I ended up meeting my future football supervisor that day, and gained some insight to an injury that is common- but not commonly understood. I always seem to need to learn things by actually experiencing them… not sure I’m liking this habit, but I do like the results. It’s sometimes hard to really take injuries like this seriously, until you’ve experienced them first hand. So, crappy months of symptoms that followed aside, I am grateful for what I’ve gained from the experience too. It’s led me to a tonne of personal development, learning, and helped in my career endeavours.
  • Winning my first medal class. One of many riding highs this season!
  • Facing my football fears. Going from hyperventilating after almost every practice to feeling calm and much more confident on field by the end of the season. I got to see a new side to the field of AT, and got to fall in love even more with the profession. I also go to perfect my taping skills. Bonus!


I had a lot of great rounds this year, and a lot of great results.. but this one was special. Not only was it a personal best score for me in a derby, ringside drama and politics aside, it was a round where I wasn’t nervous or overthinking a single thing– I was just in there having fun. All I really remember about that round was coming out of the final combination, my face breaking into a smile, and having to fight back tears as I came out of the ring hearing my team mates cheering. Unbeatable feeling.

  • Momma’s wedding. For sure a highlight to the summer, seeing everyone, especially Mom, so happy. Image 1
  • All the teaching and coaching I was privileged to do. Between 4H lessons, private clients, HC, CC basketball, and helping with the older adults class this past semester I benefited from the rewards that come from helping others achieve their goals. I’ve always loved to teach others, and many of the opportunities I took on in 2013 are turning into new opportunities come the new year. The older adults program is continuing, I am helping as a lab demo for a different prof, I am starting up my own conditioning program for riders at MORfit, and continuing to help with basketball and training of horses at HC.
  • Time spent with friends and family. This was a year full of love. From trail rides with barn friends, getting lost in the pembina valley hiking, wine and dine nights, weddings, adventures driving in torrential downpours, celebrating the end of the term, teepee bonfires, and the list could continue– it’s all been amazing.
    IMG_4821 20130901-214950.jpg IMG_0136 389663_10151700824573086_1218110235_nIMG_4626 IMG_5246 IMG_5294 IMG_3258
  • Last but not least, running. I’ve done a lot of it this year (except for the 2 months I had to take off due to head stuff). I participated in my first 5k (colour me rad) and 10k (Winnipeg 10&10) this year, and beat many personal bests. I ended up going into the 10k out of a month of zero training- but still made the top half of the group with a time of 1:01hrs. My competitive side may have come out a bit. I’m hoping to participate in the what is sure to be fun Ice Donkey in February, and then see what next summer brings for me in the way of organised running. A present to myself this Christmas was going out for a run, as the weather was finally in a acceptable range (-20) and there was no wind. I’m not a person that can run more than 3 times a week, but I’ve found that that maximum is all I need to do what I do and still love and benefit from it. So that’s what I’ll keep doing!
    1184782_10151904625733086_220155402_n IMG_3784

So, there you have it! Another year flies by, full of new and terrifying things. I have to say, I liked 2013 better than 2012. There was a little more balance in my life, or at least I was better equipped to handle the chaos. Maybe I have 2012 to thank for that. Either way, I’m excited to see what 2014 has in store for me- and excited to take on new challenges!

Readers: What stands out to you from the past year? What do you look forward to in the New Year?

"The extraordinariness of an experience doesn't just reside in the destination, or the itinerary. It relies on the identity of the experiencer..."
“The extraordinariness of an experience doesn’t just reside in the destination, or the itinerary. It relies on the identity of the experiencer…”

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  1. A very jam packed year indeed

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