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Hibernation. Sort of.

Hard not to do in the -50 wind chills we’ve had lately….


I haven’t written a “what has katmah been up to lately” post since mid-december.. and figured I’d write a quick update and what I’m looking forward to with the beginning of a new semester.

So, what have I been up to since finishing off exams?


Well.. trying to.. then getting bored and doing something else.

Since we talked last I’ve gotten 3/5 of my final grades back. I’m pretty happy with my results, so far:

Pathology in Sport Medicine: B (B+ on post-concussion review paper)

Assessment of the Upper and Lower Extremities: B+, with a 92% on the practical (#nailedit).

Taping and Splinting: A, ended up at the top of the class!

I received my First Responder results Friday, which are definitely a low point for me right now. I will be retaking the practical component of the exam soon, to finish my certification, as the first time around I didn’t “make the cut”, so to speak.

My three weeks of holidays ended being relatively productive. I started to get the usual end of exam cold the first week in, but fought it off by keeping just the right amount of busy. And sleeping. A lot. While at first I had planned to have two weeks off of work, that plan changed before it even begun as the program director at HC un-expectently resigned and I took on the position of Manager while the board figures out where they are going next.

Luckily this position doesn’t require too many hours (I work maybe 3hrs/day pretty much everyday), and they have given me the option to delegate out any hours I don’t want or can’t do. It’s been actually a fun experience, putting to use many skills and helping make some decisions throughout their transition.

Possibly half my time at HC is spent chasing the kittens….
Possibly half my time at HC is spent chasing the kittens….

Between HC, the horses at home, and riding at M&C’s where I could (and when it wasn’t -5billion)- I spent quite a lot of time in barns this holiday season.

I also spent quite a bit of time brainstorming on the class I am running at MORfit starting January 12. Finally, everything is falling into place and most of the fine details have been sorted out. Now it’s just actually doing it! I’m both excited and nervous for this opportunity. Nervous only because this will be a first for me, and a new thing for the MB equestrian community- so I have no reference material (other then, you know, my education). Also, exciting- because I’m starting something new. I really hope others get excited about it as I am!

Something cool that happened with the blog over the break, too! An article I submitted to the CATA (Canadian Athletic Therapists Association) newsletter got published, and AT’s throughout Canada read this post. It was very cool to see my writing on another venue, and to hear feedback from some of the therapists I know who read it (Claude at MORfit included, who’s biggest comment was “You could’ve used my name!!!”).

New Years was brought in with a few of my closest friends, the same group I’ve been celebrating New Years with since our high-school days (about 7-8 years now!). In my opinion, the best way to welcome a New Year!

20140105-193850.jpg 20140105-193840.jpg 20140105-193830.jpg

And, so, here we are- the second semester of my second last year looming ahead. Looming is such a dark work. I am actually looking forward to it. On the course load this term is:

Ergonomics (applied biomechanics)- a course I’m really looking forward to. I really don’t think it’s going to be easy, the prof has already told me about the trigonometry component. But I know how interesting I found Biomechanics last year, so I’m hoping this class challenges me in the right ways.

Rehabilitation of Musculoskeletal Injuries- Now that I know how to assess and injury, I guess I should know how to rehab it!

Therapeutic Modalities

Exercise Physiology- some people love it, some people just get through it. I’m not sure which will be it for me, yet.

Practicum 1- which I’ve already completed half of- now to finish my 50 clinical hours.

I’m also a lab demo for Prevention and Care of Injuries this semester, which I’m very much looking forward to, and of course continuing with the Older Adults Fitness class from last term!

Over the holidays I’ve been able to do some reading, that isn’t a textbook- which has been really nice. I also acquired a juicer and a massage table, both of which I’m excited to put to action. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on Nutritional sciences, which is mostly confirming that habits I’ve gotten into the past year are the right ones. Currently I’m reading Whole by T. C. Campbell, which is based on his lifetime of research on nutrition and how it affects every aspect of our lives- taking on a very wholistic (or holistic) approach. Great read after spending 3 weeks living off chocolate, dainties, and other varieties of Christmas.

I’ve actually had a decently productive past week, between redecorating my apartment (some binge Ikea shopping occurred), finalizing the details of my Functional Training class, and designing my program (and testing it out on myself and a friend- I figured it would be unethical to put clients through a workout I couldn’t handle..). I even got about 30hrs of work in too! If the temperatures weren’t bordering antarctic levels, I would have been in the saddle as much as possible. Here’s hoping these temps break some time soon!

Here’s hoping it stays this tidy!

I’m sure this coming week is sure to be full of interesting things, I’m planning to attend an open house put on by the Kin graduate studies program at UofM early in the week, because why not! As well as being back at MORfit for my regular 21 hrs a week (plus ~10hrs at HC), and a full class schedule again. Its definitely going to be an adjustment after having close to 3 weeks running on next to no set schedule! Can’t wait!







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  1. This all sounds very exciting! Good luck with your pioneering courses 🙂

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