The Katmah Experience

living and learning one day at a time.


Heeey there.

Been a while. I know. My bad. Forgive me? Okay.

The past two weeks have kind of been scheduling insanity. I know this, because I found myself using the phrase “I have scheduled relaxation time” today. Does that even make sense? If I’m not in class, I’m working. If I’m not working, I’m studying. If I’m not studying, I’m researching/working on training ideas for my class, eating, or sleeping. My “scheduled” chill time is the new tradition of “wine and dine” nights with Emily, and Wednesday evenings (except for this week, where I was studying and in work meetings most of the night), and I try to take most of Fridays off (try being the key phrase…).

Okay. So what’s my scheduled filled with lately? Well, MORfit has a number of new clients, and so does Claude. Which makes my shifts pretty hectic right now, trying to balance desk/admin work and clinic work. I’m gaining a tonne of experience! My class has been a great success so far, and I’ve had some great feedback after the first few weeks. Even some interest in bringing my program out to different areas of the province, turning it more into monthly clinics rather then weekly classes in that case- doing focused presentations on topics like rider biomechanics, injury prevention, and fitness for the rider alongside a training session.

My course load this year is pretty heavy, and definitely not getting lighter. So far, though, I’ve been able to manage my time pretty efficiently- finding time to study everything I feel I need to. Somehow.

Horse Connection is still in transition mode, and as they’ve began to advertise some of their horses- my workload for them has increased again as I deal with potential buyers and show horses. The past two weeks I’ve somehow fit in 30hr work weeks (b/t all four jobs), a full course load.. and squeaked in time to be in the gym myself, eat, and sleep. How? A lot of making phone calls, sending emails, and doing admin work on bus rides, and in between classes- studying before/after meetings and eating somewhere in between all that.

It’s safe to say that I’ve been somewhat run off my feet the last little while.. however, I am kind of loving all of it. Even if I have to schedule down time. I’m really seeing all that I’ve learned this year being applied in real life. Updating my resume recently, I’ve almost doubled my experiences in the past 4 months just through the opportunities I’ve had through school and work. The feedback and growth I’ve seen in the training program I designed after just two weeks has been way more then I expected, and very encouraging. Through all the absolute insanity, and the hiccups here and there, I’m getting the opportunities to challenge myself in new ways all the time.

This weekend will be some of my busiest few days yet, with work (various jobs) anywhere from 8-12hrs each day, teaching, showing horses, a friend’s birthday, visiting someone close to me in the hospital, hopefully studying, and hopefully working on some writing projects and applications. It’s for sure going to be another couple of hectic days.

Time is sure flying, so that must mean I’m having fun!


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