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Slow motion, a brief update.

I’ve been maintaining my promise to keep a low-key schedule this year so far, but that apparently has no affect on my writing habits!

February flew by in a flurry of preparation for March. Between one midterm that was probably the easiest thing I’ve ever done, hockey finishing up, and keeping up with my two clinic shifts a week.. school is going pretty smoothly. I’ve never experienced this kind of schedule before, that being one that is pretty relaxed, so it’s been an interesting adjustment.

I spent majority of my time finishing my research project, “Rebuilding the Equestrian”, putting it together into one giant thesis, and then nitpicking on the fine details for 5 days straight. As an undergrad doing what could have easily been a Masters thesis, I got a really good taste for what my future may be if I continue down this route. I have to say, I loved doing the actual hands on research and getting my ideas in motion… the nitty gritty compiling tests and writing up cases part was a little bit tough. I definitely underestimated how much energy that part of things would take up. However, I got it done and submitted it to the national athletic therapy association’s writing award on time. The gist of this thesis was based around me taking riders who had a history of chronic pain (predominantly low back pain) through and 8-week postural re-correction (or rebuilding) program. I did a combination of a review of the current literature and a overview of a few of my own case studies.

While most of February was spent on that, the next big project was prepping my first seminar on the “Rebuilding the Equestrian” project for Dressage Winnipeg. Basically as soon as I hit submit on the thesis, I switched over to turning my ideas into a understandable, ordered presentation. Again.. not always as easy as you’d think. My brain is a series of squiqqles and ever-changing ideas. Slowing that down enough to get a 2 hr presentation with the right amount of information incorporated was a challenge. I’ve done quite a bit of one-on-one work now with riders, but presenting to a group this past weekend was a first for me.

March started with my thesis submission and then this presentation. Conveniently coordinated with the onset of what I now know is a mono infection. Which made this past week more then horrible. Endless fatigue and flu-like symptoms combined with getting a 2 hr presentation ready to fly is beautiful. Thankfully I got it done and managed to get it out of my mouth in half-decent form, even though I didn’t have a voice by the time Saturday rolled around and it took me an hour to get the projector to work. But as my mother said (typed, from Africa), there would be something wrong with the Universe if my first seminar went easily.

Now that I have those two things over and done with, I can switch my focus back to… rest… until this mono thing chills out. I’m finally at the point where I can do about 5 or 6 hrs a day without headaches and horrendous fatigue (that’s if I get a minimum of 12hrs of sleep the night before..). Which is definite progress from last week where I felt like what the walking dead looks like 24/7. I’m looking forward to the end of the month where I’m doing a clinic for the Western Dressage association, built again around Rebuilding the Equestrian. I’ve gotten some great feedback from this first seminar, and can’t wait to continue preaching my preach. Hopefully my voice returns sooner rather then later.

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