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Spring forward 

My last post was a bit dreary, and I’m going to blame that on mono brain. While I’m still feeling some effects of this annoying virus, I’m starting to feel a bit more like myself. 

Through the end of February and early March I was so focused on finishing my thesis, and then getting my first seminar organized that nothing else really held any room in my head. That being other promotions and following up on other ways to progress me and my business. Yes my paper and first presentation I realize were two very big steps for me. But they kind of ate my attention alive for a bit and combined with mono the last few weeks I took a needed rest from pretty much every aspect of everything. 

I also found myself, through finishing and simultaneously launching, Rebuilding the Equestrian getting impatient. I’m always impatient but I’ve been working hard this year on relaxing that impatience. While that impatience is a huge factor in driving my ambition, it also can affect my logicality (is that a word?). Through the excitement of seeing a project I’ve been indirectly building for my entire degree, and finally getting to present it to other people and seeing their excitement build too… I now just want to be done and certified and doing my thing. However, I still have months to go before I get that piece of paper saying I have a official Kinesiology degree, and then a few more months until I get the first chance to take my AT certification exam. Lines get blurred when you’re already walking in the world you want to be in. 

Now, yes.. It’s only months.. I’ve spent years getting here.. So what’s a few more months? 

Sometimes, especially with twenty something brain, months seem like years. When you are growing and evolving so much in such short periods (seriously I feel like I’ve learned and grown so much in even just the last 2 months).. You just want to be at the next step already. Jumping through the necessary hoops is just that, necessary.. But it sure seems tedious. I have gotten the “do it right the first time speech” many times, and it only seems to be sinking in now. I have a deep desire to excel at this chosen passion and share it with anyone who will listen.. And the official papers and degrees is must in today’s world. I’m doing all I can to get all the experience I can get to better myself in every way possible in the meantime. I can find peace in that. I’ve been finding people are constantly surprised that I’m not done and attempting the next certification or already taken the exam more and more, which I’ll take as a good sign.. But it definitely adds to the impatience. 

I’ve also been going a bit stir crazy the last few weeks, more so now that I’ve started feeling a bit more normal, without having my workouts and yoga. Now that my spleen has stopped feeling like it’s going to explode I’ve been slowing trying to get moving a bit. But it’s slow. A walk around the neighbourhood this weekend near killed me, and dancing at a friends wedding was exhausting. I’m definitely not 100% quite yet! 

I am however starting to get back into a groove with promotional work, and I’m getting ready for my first full-day clinic at the end of the month. This will involve both a short theory based seminar and then one on one work with riders. I’m hoping to do some more of these over the summer. 

My amazing mother has been in Africa for the last 6 weeks excelling at her career and passion, and this has definitely inspired me to start looking into how I can take my projects and skills to other places, while also gaining some valuable experience for myself. There is no better way to learn and expand then going to somewhere new. 

Outside of my own business building- I’ve also been busy keeping KSA organized, my most pressing project there is getting our grad dinner up and running. Classes are easy thankfully and require little energy. And now that the weather is getting tolerable I’m hoping to get Felix into spring training.. Get my own riding fix. 

 Football had their first event this week and spring camp is beginning, with a tournament in Saskatchewan planned. That will add to my schedule again but I am very excited to be back with my team for another season. It feels like home going back to them, this year as the head trainer, and as always reminds me why I love what I do. This week I had the pleasure of meeting with our national association’s accreditation board as they came out to review our program- and they even interviewed my coaches and expressed at how much they liked the system we have atMurdock  between the ATs, coaches, players, and school. I love that I was lucky enough to get involved with this team when I first started in the field. My experience with them has been nothing but positive and I hope to continue with them for a few more seasons yet. 

In a few weeks I’ll be done my humanities lectures, and then all that’s left is my practical course which runs until August. It’s going to be quite an adjustment to not be at the university as much, although the between TA-inc, tutoring, and finding excuses to go and consult with profs about my own work.. I’m still there quite a bit. 

As always I am full of gratitude for all those in my life.. Especially those who talk me down when my impatience gets the better of me! 

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  1. Great post as usual… keep up the good work.

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