The Katmah Experience

living and learning one day at a time.

Quick update

It’s been another busy few weeks. With this being the first spring term in a few years I’m not taking courses, I obviously decided to TA one. Outside of that and a few tutoring clients, Katmah Training has been keeping me hopping. Most weekends this month have been booked with clinics and workshops at various barns, and during the week I split my time between one on one clients and working for the same real estate agent I worked for last summer- right now football also gets thrown into the mix every afternoon. Looking forward I’ve been booking into June and July for clinics already, and I’ve signed on to be medical coverage for the MHJA shows through the summer. Just when I thought I was taking a break from the show circuit!

This week football spring training ends with a grand finale where we travel to Yorkton, SK for a few exhibition games. This will be my first time travelling with a team, and I’m glad it’s with a team I’m very established with.

After that I’m looking forward to a full weekend off. Actually. I strategically have been refusing to book anything for this weekend that is work related or business related. It’ll be my one weekend off in quite a while, and for quite a while. While I absolutely love all the teaching and educating I”m getting to do with my business, it is absolutely exhausting. This weekend of nothing important is all I’m looking forward to right now!

In other fun news, I did a interview for Athletic Therapy Connection recently and the podcast has come out. Click here to check it out!  In it I talk about my experiences at UWinnipeg, my perspectives on AT and all my hopes and dreams (or just the Rebuilding the Equestrian project).

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