The Katmah Experience

living and learning one day at a time.

Momentary magic

The most meaningful magic is found in the simplest, smallest moments.

As I walked this path today, through the gardens full of seasonal death and mystery, I was reminded yet again of the spaces between what was, what is and what might be.

This image is a still of a blink of the day. By the time I walked forwards on this path what was then behind me was completely changed. Like walking into a different world. This happened again when I returned on the path a few moments later.

When we wander intentionally (do those two words work together?) we just might happen upon a moment of magic, wonder, stunning light and perhaps a reminder of some wisdom we forgot in our usual rush or act of doing.

I went on this stroll intending to hold onto some of the wonder and awe I found through this whole week. A week spent with good friends new and old, deep learnings, losses and gains. A week full of beginnings and ends, and lots of in betweens. I was reminded that I need to hold nothing, and instead I just need to allow it in and through.

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