The Katmah Experience

living and learning one day at a time.


A prairie girl at heart my story began in rural Manitoba. Through high school I was a dedicated athlete (not so much scholar) and into all extra curriculars, equestrian sports being my main pursuit. I figured out early on that I have a sense for adventure where many don’t, and a desire to grow, teach, and heal others. This lead me into a career in athletic therapy, which soon stemmed into entrepreneurship and other realms of personal development and leadership.

In 2015 I graduated with my BSc. in Kinesiology, and soon after that certified nationally as an Athletic Therapist. Having been an athlete most of my life I was drawn to a career in health where I was able to use the power of movement to improve human health in all it’s facets. Through University and the early parts of my career I’ve had the opportunities to work with all types of people, from older adults, young athletes, those dealing with chronic health conditions (ehlers-danlos syndrome, POTS, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular conditions, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, etc), weekend warriors, amateur and professional level athletes. I work frequently with chronic pain patients, and the perception of pain across different individuals has become fascinating to me. I opened Integrative Movement in 2016, and am just getting to know the entrepreneurial side of myself.

Most recently I have begun my training in Psychosomatic Breathwork under Numa Somatics, and has a special interest in using the combination of this work, movement, and manual therapies in chronic pain and trauma rehabilitation.

It became apparent to me early on in my career that humans are so much more than just the sum of their parts. All our systems are interrelated, and movement has the power to influence not only our physical and systemic being, but also our mental, emotional, and spiritual being. There is no cookie cutter approach to rehabilitation, training, or health- and every person is different. Pain is the result of something not working properly, but the location of pain is rarely the answer. Each client comes in with different stories and different goals, it inspires me every day to empower them on their path.

Outside of my career, I am an avid adventurer. While I’ve been lucky enough to travel from a very young age, at 19 I travelled to New Zealand and was introduced to how travel can give you a whole new perspective on the world, and your inner workings. especially when you are forced outside your comfort zone. Recently I visited Nepal on a whim to trek to Everest Base Camp 1, and this past fall travelled to Spain for a whirlwind biking tour. I am fiercely comfortable with challenging my comfort zone, and learn to do by doing. This is one of the reasons I am so passionate about my career which allows me to challenge myself and others on a daily basis. I have been nicknamed “the adventure” by many of my peers.

My passion is helping people rebuild their movement and their health, regardless of what their goals entail. I strive on meeting each client or patient exactly where they’re at and helping them empower their health and wellness journey.

I am an avid challenger of my own comfort zone, taking any opportunity to explore the world, different experiences, and challenge boundaries within myself and within others.

I currently reside in Manitoba, Canada and make frequent trips across Western Canada to consult clients while exploring everything this country has to offer. I believe our work in this work is much more than what just pays the bills, and am blessed to have found a career that allows me to help others heal and seek more out of life while simultaneously doing the same myself.

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