Business Creations

Integrative Movement  

Chronic pain changes people. If you’ve never suffered from it, imagine a heavy shackle dragging you down, sucking away your optimism and making pain management the centre of your world. If you’re living with chronic pain, we have a question for you: What would your life look like if pain was no longer a factor? What would Manitoba look like if everyone could move freely and move forward in their lives with confidence?

At Integrative Movement, we want to find out. We’re experts in rehab, exercise and nutrition for athletes and people managing injuries and disease.

We’re also experts in pain.

There are a lot of health practitioners out there doing good work, but we are among the

few who help people make a permanent change and get free from pain forever. It takes

We are not your quick fix solution. Feeling good all the time takes effort all the time. We help you change you mindset from one where you may take you health for granted to one where you take control of your health.


RideWell Performance 

Equestrian athletes are a dedicated and passionate group of people, but they’re also stubborn. They don’t take advice from anyone but other riders. Add to this the fact that there are no other specialized practitioners or science-based fitness resources for the rider, and you can see why so many equestrian athletes have the problems they do. We’re not talking about the addiction to tack collecting or the empty bank accounts – we’re talking about physical issues, like the chronic low- back pain that affects 88% of riders.

When I finally received treatment for her own low-back pain through athletic therapy and an understanding of rider biomechanics, I saw the opportunity to fill a serious need in the industry. I began offering performance-based training and therapy to fellow riders and created RideWell Performance.

My specialty is analyzing movement in and out of the tack, and then giving you valuable feedback to help improve your function.

We’re currently focusing on the small group of riders in Canada who want to get free from pain, invest in their long-term health and compete at an elite level. But our vision is much bigger. It’s our goal to train RideWell practitioners across Canada and the U.S and change the rider culture to one that is just as healthy and fit as it is tough.