Spring is in the air?

I know, I know it’s been basically months since I posted last. To be fair, not much has happened except for the same old burnt out student thing.

The mountains of snow are finally starting to shrink. Slowly but surely this long winter will melt away into what is sure to be a disgusting, sloppy spring. The most exciting thing that has happened in the past few weeks is my momma bear getting engaged, and beginning the flurry of dress shopping and wedding planning. This excitement will, I’m sure, hang around for the next few months leading up to the big day. It gave me some excellent excuses to not go to research methods lecture a couple times. Who could refuse dress shopping over 2-way ANOVAs and factorial design??

Classes are FINALLY winding down this week. Which means I have to, need to, must must must stop procrastinating with my papers and final assignments. My exams are all spread out throughout April, kicking off with my Prev and Care practical this coming Saturday, and kinda average out to one per week. Which is nice. Since I got a regular shift at the gym and AM MOVING MY HORSE TOMORROW SO I CAN START RIDING. (!!!!!)

I’m not excited though. No way. Nuh uh. Totally could wait longer. Totally.

This week brought a surprise Naturopathic doctor appointment (I wasn’t supposed to go until May, but due to a cancellation I got in much sooner). After recreating the last year of crazy health issues for this guy, as he scribbled notes and gave me some classic “you’re-life-sounds-nuts” looks, he came to conclude that my symptoms match up quite perfectly with having a parasite.. of some sort. Which actually might make sense, as I did originally start having symptoms while travelling and working at LC (not the greatest living conditions), and parasites can often mimic appendicitis. It was encouraging to at least have someone give me an answer with confidence. However, further tests are still needed to confirm before going about treatment- all tests which I send in myself (and pay quite a lot for unfortunately). But hey, if it turns out this is what it is, it seems like an easy fix- without any sort of surgery. I am keeping my GIT specialist appointment as well, as it falls close to my follow up with the ND anyway. Definitely grateful I didn’t have my appendix unnecessarily taken out. Getting closer to some answers.. finally!

Good Friday took me out to Brandon for the RMWF. I don’t know what it is about that show- but it feels like coming home every time I go. Especially now that I know so many of the people involved in the competition- and have competed there myself. While it kind of sucked being on the sidelines this year, and only able to spend one day up there- it kind of kick started my riding brain (more so than the withdrawal symptoms I’ve been experiencing all winter). There are many other riders out there, I know, who will relate to the feeling of a kind of magic while watching those lucky enough to compete in that long week of classes ride their courses. Every day is different. One day can go perfect and the next will be a disaster. I’ve always loved the atmosphere of RMWF. It’s a tradition for many of us, whether it be riding or just watching.

Speaking of riding. The season is finally starting! My brat of a horse is about to get that worked out of him. It’s been a long winter for us both- with him bored out of his mind gaining weight and growing a more than adequate winter coat, and me working my butt off in the gym and in the class room. Going into this season I feel more than ready. Last year I was anxious to get back riding but I had the pilonidal sinus surgery on my mind, looming on the future, taking away from the excitement of a great show season. This year I feel completely different. I’ve worked hard to keep my body and my mind on track, throughout a tough school year and lingering health problems. Whatever this year brings, it doesn’t feel as intimidating as it could. I’ve handled so much the past while that it doesn’t phase me much when life throws me something else.

Today we moved the now 3-yr old (and much more grown up) Felix out to another facility where he will start his spring training tomorrow as well. He was such a champ. Walked onto the trailer as if it was something he did everyday, and got off at the new place with dogs running around and a pen full of bison close by in sight and hardly gave more than a snort. I’m quite excited to put a little more time in the saddle with him this summer as well, even though Mom claims him as “her horse” lately.


Now that I’ll be back in the saddle on a regular basis, I will make an effort to update this blog more often with what are sure to be many fun moments getting back into training! Also I have done surprisingly well keeping my Fitness page updated, so take a look and ask some questions if you want to get you’re own pre-season training started!

IMG_2460 IMG_2451 IMG_2464 IMG_2445

Post exams, postponed surgery

First of all, done term one done term one done term one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finished exams on Wednesday, now all there is to do (school related anyway) is sit back and wait for marks to roll in. Which is almost as stressful as actually writing exams. So far I only have one mark back- and if this is a prelude to the rest of them, that is perfectly fine with me! I got 14.5/15 (96%!!!) on a research paper I did on the joint supplement Glucosamine for Nutrition. Did a little happy dance for that one. What else have a I done this week.. oh ya! It was the one year anniversary of this…


No regrets. Easy to say now that my hair is back to a reasonable length. If you asked me when I looked like a hedgehog it might have been a tougher reply. I can’t lie, I miss having long hair everyday. It was a comfort zone that I had to break out of, I guess, but one that I fully plan on returning to with no hesitation. I do believe that beauty stems from the inside- not on what we look like. A person’s confidence shouldn’t be based on how others perceive them based on appearance. This experience was just another part of the crazy year I’ve been having.

This week I’ve also been getting some riding in, not on my own horse (sorry buddy), but on my good friend Lauren’s horse Samson. Lauren rides another horse in the barn as well. It’s so nice to hang out in the barn, grooming, tacking up, riding, talking. Stuff that takes no thought to perform, just second nature. Very nice to get back to that after going like crazy for 3 months at school with no time in the saddle. Hoping this can continue throughout the holidays and maybe into next term!

As you may remember, I was supposed to have surgery over the holidays.. today actually. Well, long crazy story short, it was decided that further tests were being done (in the most dramatic way possible) before the surgery was happening. So, after a crazy morning sitting in the hospital talking to one doctor then the next and hearing many opinions, the surgery was cancelled, and I was sent for an ultrasound. Now we play the waiting game.. again. I guess. And then make more decisions. Needless to say it was not really how I planned today to go, but then again- life seems to laugh at my planning skills. Haven’t had a more frustrating day in a long time. School of life’s tests are sometimes harder then UW’s exams. Except stats. Nothing is harder than stats. Plus side- this means hopefully more riding for this kid over the next few weeks. Among other things!

This day has been going on for too long, so it’s time to say goodnight and ream of better tomorrows!