Spring is in the air?

I know, I know it’s been basically months since I posted last. To be fair, not much has happened except for the same old burnt out student thing. The mountains of snow are finally starting to shrink. Slowly but surely this long winter will melt away into what is sure to be a disgusting, sloppy…

Post exams, postponed surgery

First of all, done term one done term one done term one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finished exams on Wednesday, now all there is to do (school related anyway) is sit back and wait for marks to roll in. Which is almost as stressful as actually writing exams. So far I only have one mark back- and if this…


It’s now been approximately 3.5 months since complete baldness. Here’s a progress report in the form of me abusing my webcam privileges.


Here are some of the professional shots from my hair modeling job. My hair has already grown quite a bit in the past week! 🙂